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Violet October and Arthur Sire

When a libidinous but frustrated 22 year old discovers her new health insurance covers sexual therapy, she immediately finds a doctor in her network who makes house. Handsome Dr. Kurt Camphor (Arthur Sire) listens attentively as the budding sophisticate describes her current sex life as dull and devoid of adventure. She complains that boys her age lack imagination and never do the things she knows will arouse her, such as spanking and other bottom centric forms of erotic stimulation. Dr. Camphor offers Violet immediate relief, in the form of a firmly impactful over the knee spanking, accompanied by the sort of advice an experienced top will feel compelled to give a beginner submissive. Although possessed of a petite bottom, charming little Violet craves hard spanking and her therapist quickly realizes that is just what his new patient needs.

Violet's hands-on spanking therapy takes on a more deeply erotic aspect when Dr. Camphor has her straddle a slim trestle bench that elevates her slim, pink and white bottom for examination and probing. Violet produces two sleek silicon toys she has obtained at a state of the art sex shop and presents them to her therapist for use in the session. The toys find their way into her tiny bottom in turn, as the corporal punishment accelerates. The combination of anal discipline, hard spanking, strapping, paddling and cropping, soon has Violet responding ecstatically. This very real mini masochist manages her pain via grunts, grins and giggles, but that doesn't mean she isn't taking a hell of a licking or that the smacking doesn't hurt. It's just that the pain is an essential component of her fantasy. The other key part of the experience is giving up control.

In Scene 3 of In Violet, Dr. Camphor puts the interesting blonde girl on all fours and stimulates all of her senses with a vigorous hand spanking, and a bit more digital penetration, taking care to squeeze her perky breasts and pinch her nipples rosy red. That Violet enjoys the erotic manhandling is patently obvious. Though the hard smacks rock her dainty body, she thrusts her impudent bottom up and back for more and more stern discipline.

Arthur Sire was just the right experienced older man to award the delightful task of awakening Violet October. As her fans will note with pleasure, this little spanking princess is becoming lovelier, more adventurous and more intriguing with every video.

Running time: 48 minutes

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