Heidi & Elke

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Act One Starring Heidi Lamb, Dan Rivera, Mistress Jacqueline, Vinnie Spit, Ralph Marvell, Bobbie Tawse & Mark Daniels. Shot on location at a real Studio City cafe, this is a genuine spanking-in-public video. Unresponsive waitress Heidi is spanked by her supervisor, Mr. Crawley, while the rest of the patrons look on in amusement. Act Two Starring Prudence Myers and Keith Jones. A firm, no-nonsense punishment spanking scene, based on the ever popular theme of jealousy. When Keith discovers his Swedish girl friend is seeing other men behind his back, he immediately turns her over his knee to spank some respect into her. Includes strapping and a short caning.

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