Eve Howard's Disciplinary Reviews

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Introducing a new series starring Shadow Lane author Eve Howard.

Eve Howard is back by popular demand, but this time, as a top. Finally out from behind the camera for the first time in 17 years, Eve brings her lifelong enthusiasm for spanking and technical expertise to a series of strict, traditional discipline scenarios kicked off by this two part video, co-starring two of the loveliest and most spankable brunette bad girls performing today, dreamy, sensual Sybil Hawthorne and sassy hard body Cheyenne Jewel.

Act One: The Fitting Room Exhibitionist featuring Sybil Hawthorne.

In the first scene Eve plays an assistant department store manager who must discipline a naughty sales girl who has been doing inappropriate things in the fitting room to relieve her boredom. Eve vigorously spanks the beautiful Sybil Hawthorne over her lap, with Sybil dressed, in lingerie, and then nude. Sybil knows she has been bad and doesn't dare protest, wanting to keep her job. But as Eve sternly reddens her employee's lushly upholstered backside, Sybil learns to regret her impudent exhibitionism. In the course of this scene's exuberant finale, Eve bends the fully nude Sybil Hawthorne over for a taste of the leather paddle, tawse and more hand spanking. Sybil's voluptuous bottom turns bright pink as the punishment continues, but this stunningly shapely submissive princess wants to impress Eve that she has reformed and takes the licking she has coming without demur. What a good submissive!

Act Two: The Smartest Student's Worst Mistake featuring Cheyenne Jewell.

Penny was Miss Howard's best student in her college English class, but now Miss Howard is Penny's faculty advisor and she has called her former student to her office to answer for the egregious offence of selling term papers to her fellow students. Penny has supplied 'A' grade papers to her deadbeat classmates and will face an ignominious expulsion from school within months of graduating with honors, unless she agrees to accept corporal punishment for her academically criminal behavior. Reluctantly, the good-looking brunette agrees to place her hard body across the lap of her former teacher for the discipline she has earned. Penny's well deserved retribution begins with an over the knee hand spanking, progressing to a leather paddling, delivered to her tightly skirted rear, the seat of her sheer mesh pantyhose, atop her crisp white cotton bikini panties, and finally, upon the bare, upturned and now rosy cheeks of her remarkably firm and resilient bottom.

Penny's sharp lesson in academic honesty continues when Eve requires the exquisitely shapely college senior to strip to her radiant skin, take a nude over the knee spanking and then kneel across a padded stool, her backside pointing upwards, in passive readiness to receive a stinging wooden paddling and a yip-provoking bottom smacking with a leather slapper strap. When the collegiate bad girl is finally released and given leave to go, it is with a severely punished bottom, red and sore from the hard lambasting with palm, wood and leather it has justly received.

Eve Howard's Disciplinary Reviews marks the return to the screen of one of the best liked and highly respected spanking activists in America. Eve got her editorial start writing as Lizzie Bennett for Spank Hard magazine and she made her performing debut in Nu-West videos in the late 1980's as a noisy, high leg kicking submissive. Eve went on to publish numerous spanking novels (the Shadow Lane series) and edit dozens of spanking magazines and personal ads periodicals (Stand Corrected and Scene One) along with hosting what have been our scene's most popular gala spanking parties since 1991. For years Eve's fans and readers have been asking her to come back to spanking videos in front of the camera and now the time is right for just that. Shadow Lane looks forward to producing a whole series of 'Eve Spanks' videos in the coming years.

Running time 54 minutes.

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