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Act One Starring Prudence Myers and Dan Rivera. (Trivia: Dan is the illustrator of comic strips Spanky Sal, Sam Swat and Captain Woodshed.) Emma thinks that staying with her American uncle Dan in Hollywood is going to be fun. Instead she discovers that he's the kind of uncle who doesn't think much of young ladies who get in at three a.m. Act Two Starring Prudence Myers and Juliet Severe. Wishing to avoid further bare bottom spankings from her uncle, Emma moves in with a room mate, who turns out to be obsessive-compulsive cleanliness freak Pauline. Pauline can tolerate anything in a roommate but someone who can overlook what soap scum does to grout in shower stall seams. Inevitably, Emma must be spanked for her slovenly ways and the meticulous Pauline is only to happy to do it.

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