Double Trouble

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It's a new and very naughty video from Shadow Lane Presenting Eva Lux in Double Trouble, an explicit, two part spanking video which includes traditional home and school style discipline, tasteful portrayed anal eroticism, oral sex (going both ways) and intercourse! Double Trouble Part 1 DoctorÕs Orders A doctorÕs young wife feels starved for attention from her busy husband (Devlin OÕNeill). An early morning sulk leads to her first over the knee spanking of the day. (This scene includes a temperature taking in Eva's bottom.) Then Paige (Eva Lux) compounds her naughtiness by staying out late with her friends, recklessly gaming at the casino and driving around under the influence, all of which bad behavior she gleefully informs her sober, hard working spouse in a fresh note prominently left for him to find. When Paige waltzes in at ten p.m. she gets the bare bottom spanking she deserves and the attention she craves in the form of vaginal and anal masturbation with cunning, buzzing vibrator toys inserted and artfully manipulated by her man. Part 2 TeacherÕs Pet Eva Lux plays an inattentive high school senior whose impertinent rejoinders and rude doodles do not amuse her strict tutor (Butch Simms). Bored by his lectures and unmoved by his reprovals, Eva attempts to refocus her teacherÕs attention on her lithe limbs and perky bosom by lifting her skirt, flashing her thighs and unbuttoning her blouse. But the scandalous schoolgirlÕs saucy behavior only rouses Mr. SimmÕs indignation and he decides that the best way to make her mind him is to turn her over his knee and spank her like a naughty little girl! After being tamed by a sharp, bare bottom correction, Eva sets out to seduce her instructor, tempting him to examine her feminine charms, probe her delicate sex and lubricate it deeply with his tongue. The discipline behind them, the lovemaking begins, ranging from cunnilingus to fellatio to full contact intercourse. First Butch sits Eva on his lap facing away from him for a totally revealing round of hard pumping sex. Then EvaÕs form is revealed in all itÕs taut, girlish resiliency as Butch sits her back on the desk to penetrate her again. By alternately playing with herself and giving Butch head, Eva at last succumbs to a shuddering climax while inspiring her teacher to anoint her silky skin with a bountiful benediction of his own. Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

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