Disciplined Girl Friday

$ 19.95 $ 29.95

Featuring Alexis Payne as Vanessa, the hard-to-please mistress and introducing Shawna Lake as Phoebe, her minx of an assistant, Disciplined Girl Friday is one of the most visually satisfying spanking videos we have ever produced.
Vanessa, statuesque and infinitely dignified finds the perfect foil in Phoebe, a small-sized classic pin-up girl whose bratty irreverence simply begs for a spanking. The form and execution of Disciplined Girl Friday is pleasing, with each new angle showing a more enchanting view of our glamor girls, one engaging in the noble and necessary act of spanking, the other struggling to break her mistress's hold on her body and will. But our story goes far beyond voluptuousness and good aim. The sensible scolding Vanessa gives Phobe is in itself a post graduate course in civilized domination. Yet traditionalists will note: that Phoebe squirms ever so childlike across Vanessa's womanly lap, that the spanking is hard and sustained, that embarrassing positions are ordered and harsh implements employed on the bare bottom of the offender and that nothing but corporal punishment transpires in this story of inattentiveness and punishment!
Running time: 60 minutes. (includes exciting previews from three other Shadow Lane Girl Spanks Girl videos)


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