Desperate Measures

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Featuring 5 hot discipline scenes, including: a step-mom classically spanking her sassy stepdaughter, a boyfriend eagerly spanking his girlfriend's step-mom, a work weary dad soundly spanking and vigorously strapping his devious daughter, an enlightened husband firmly but lovingly spanking his sexy, wayward wife, a patient boyfriend methodically spanking his impolite girlfriend -- in a funny and clever scenario, written by and starring the irrepressible Clare Fonda, introducing the strikingly beautiful Kailee in her first Shadow Lane appearance, co starring fresh new talent from Canada, River Wild, as the helpful spanking boyfriend and showcasing the excellent abilities of the engaging Danny Chrighton as the dominant dad. A domestic discipline fantasy by Clare Fonda and Eve Howard. Starring Clare Fonda as Trudy and Danny Chrighton as her husband Eric Introducing Kailee as her step daughter Beth and River Wild as Jake, the Plumber. Home from college, smart, sophisticated Beth is spending the summer with her workaholic dad Eric and her new step-mom, Trudy, a plain spoken working class chick with a hot bod, an overactive libido and a husband who hasn't paid attention to either in a long time. Beth enjoys baiting Trudy, delighting in her step-mom's sexual frustration and pointing out that Trudy's husband, Eric will always be more interested in his job than his wife. Hot tempered Trudy, (sexily clad in only a sheer negligee and gown), can also stand so much of this cruel taunting and responds by dragging Beth (adorably attired in lace trimmed cotton pajama) across her slender lap for an old fashioned, bare bottom attitude adjustment with hand and hairbrush. This childish correction makes Beth so furious that she plots a diabolical revenge involving her boyfriend Jake, an affable young hunk, who agrees to help Beth set her step-mom up to commit an indiscretion. Pretending that the kitchen drain is clogged, Beth offers to call a plumber, then disappears before he arrives. Trudy is intrigued by the big, blond kid, and falling right into Beth's trap, proceeds to flirt with him outrageously, encouraging him to lick whipped cream off her fingers and flashing him her breasts. Then, all of a sudden, Beth pops out of nowhere, jubilantly exclaiming, "Busted!" Having proven that her step-mom is a slut, Beth uses this information to blackmail Trudy into submitting to the same kind of humiliating punishment Trudy subjected her to earlier, over her boyfriend Jake's sturdy lap. Trudy resentfully submits, going over the young man's knee while Beth looks on approvingly, enjoying every moment of her stepmother's subsequent stinging spanking. That night, when Eric arrives home, he can't but notice a tension between the two (beautifully dressed women in white) and questions them relentlessly until the truth comes out. Beth passionately accuses Trudy of seducing the plumber by revealing her perky, round bosom to him. Trudy accuses Beth of setting her up for the fall, conspiring with Jake to tempt her and then reveling in her disgrace. Beth complains that Trudy had the nerve to spank her. Trudy points out that this was only done in response to her provocative jibes and insults, so inappropriate from one her age. The man of the house is not amused. Mostly he blames Beth, who has never shown his new spouse much kindness or respect. Backing up Trudy all the way, Eric declares that if Beth got a spanking from Trudy that day, she probably deserved it for being so fresh. He scolds Beth roundly for setting her stepmother up to cheat on him and decides to spank her himself to drive the point home. Taking the lissome brunette face down across his lap, Eric spanks her with all the indignation a weary busy man will muster when forced to deal with tiresome domestic disputes. Determined that his daughter remember this lesson for a long time to come, he delivers not only a resounding, over the knee spanking to her, but orders her to assume the all fours position to receive a very smart strapping across her bare backside. (This is a five alarm punishment, with paternal indignation pulsing out of every pore as determined Danny Chrighton pushes stunning, 21 year old, Kailee to her limits with his hand and leather belt. From the vigorous discipline to the young lady's classic reactions, this is a scene many will watch again and again.) Having done his duty by his spoiled brat of a daughter, Eric turns his attention to his neglected but undeniably wayward wife. Of course, he is beginning to see that Trudy has a legitimate complaint. You don't marry a hot blooded women with a killer bod and then ignore her. But this is no excuse to flirt with other men. Trudy has a spanking coming from her husband, but it's given less to punish then to show how much he cares. At this juncture, Eric finds the addition of a wooden hairbrush particularly helpful in expressing his husbandly emotions and Trudy quickly feels the good of it. The next night, Jake comes by to see Beth. But she has forgotten their date. Jake resents this cavalier treatment and decides that the careless girl could benefit from another spanking, this time from him. "Shouldn't have had me spank your mom," says Jake to the surprised and outraged Beth, "Gave me a taste for spanking!" Argue though she will, Beth is compelled to take her third spanking in twenty four hours, but this time from her brawny boyfriend. Thus ends our visit to suburbia, where as long as there are naughty girls and women, spanking will never go out of style. Running time: 45 minutes.

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