Country Club Wives

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Starring Courtney Chambers as Cynthia and Sycilia Sutton as Margot After a 3 cocktail luncheon, Margot invites her best friend Cynthia back to her flat in the city to gravely confront the statuesque blonde on the subject of marital infidelity. For Margot has just discovered that Cynthia and her own husband have been using the apartment as the setting for their torrid love affair! Cynthia attempts to deny it all, but Margot has tangible proof. She shows Cynthia the scrap of sheer panties, left behind in a hurry. She produces the diaphanous nightie, Cynthia's Valentine's gift from Margot's husband, still with the gift card enclosed. Cynthia can but hang her head in shame, caught dead to rights, an adulterous wife, found to be cheating with her best friend's spouse! Cynthia asks Margot what she intends to do, begging her not to tell Max! Margot assures Cynthia that she has no intention of telling Cynthia's husband of her betrayal, so long as Cynthia complies with Margot's every wish that afternoon. Then the wronged brunette informs her untrustworthy friend that she plans to deal with her unscrupulous behavior by subjecting her to a painful and humiliating spanking! More concerned with keeping her vow-breaking a secret from her scary husband than worried about having her backside belabored, Cynthia agrees to let Margot take her revenge in this unusual manner and compliantly goes over Margot's lap. She does protest having her bottom bared, but naturally is ignored. Cynthia's punishment scenario unfolds in several parts in order that Margot may deal with Cynthia's various offenses to their friendship with the full force of her indignation. Cynthia is first spanked by hand, then with a wicked, small tawse and finally with a large, leather paddle, as her adulterous crimes are reviewed and commented upon by the reserved but extremely effective disciplinarian. Desolate moments and days, such as Margot's lost Valentine's Day, her lonely Christmas and her neglected birthday are avenged with spanking, spanking and more spanking for the careless best friend who never could learn to keep her hands off Margot's men. Cynthia receives more spanking than she ever thought possible in one afternoon, entirely causing her to miss her scheduled tennis lesson. As an additional humiliation, Cynthia is spanked in both her tennis outfit and the beautiful nightie and is made to pose for photographs with her pink bottom fully exposed, as proof of her infidelity and subsequent punishment, to be posted on the Club house bulletin board, should she ever be tempted to steal another Club member's man again! Shadow Lane is delighted to introduce two extremely appealing young women to our viewers for the first time. Courtney Chambers is a vivacious fetish model with unimpeachable girl next door charm and legs for days; Sycilia Sutton is a real Shadow Lane girl (started out as a customer) and lifelong spanking enthusiast of arresting beauty and fine intellect, her performance in the role of the injured wife encompasses not only a high degree of focused spanking perfection (she's a hard, methodical spanker with a tireless arm) but includes a degree of poignancy that will take you by surprise. In short, both girls are adorable, both have personality, the spanking is gorgeously cheek pinkening and the color, sound and editing are flawless. Great dialog too! Running time: 32 minutes.

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