Classic Combo #5

$ 39.95

Each volume in this series contains 2 full-length Shadow Lane videos from our first 10 years of production, digitally remastered and packaged as a double dvd set. These vintage videos from the 80's and 90's feature many of our most popular performers in their first roles and the action is superb. Shadow Lane has been producing spanking erotica for over 25 years, yet many viewers still cite our earliest efforts as their favorites. We've paired the titles thematically or by their featured talent. Each DVD has 2 separate scenarios. With Bobbie Tawse, Ralph Marvell, Joule Jackson, Vinnie and Ariele Cole. Double Feature #3 (SLV-033d): Act 1: Vinnie woos Joule in a first date situation by means of a good, hard spanking. Act 2: Ralph Marvell teaches spoiled, cocoa-skinned beauty Bobbie Tawse to behave like a grown-up by giving her 2 ultra severe spankings in a row. True to the fetish and one of our best! Running time: 52 minutes. Spanking Tutorial (SLV-051d) Karen (Ariele Cole) longs to be spanked by Mitchell (Steve Logan), but he is too dull to oblige. Warning him he must learn about spanking or lose her, she exits. Resolving to please his slim beauty, Mitchell hires a professional spankee (the irrepressible Bobbie Tawse) to tutor him in spanking girls. Bobbie's segment resonates with common sense advice and she also gets spanked. In the dramatic finale, Karen is taken across her lover's knee for the first time. Running time: 45 minutes. Total running time of both DVDs: 1 hour and 37 minutes.

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