Classic Combo #3

$ 39.95

Each volume in this series contains 2 full-length Shadow Lane videos from our first 10 years of production, digitally remastered and packaged as a double dvd set. These vintage videos from the 80's and 90's feature many of our most popular performers in their first roles and the action is superb. Shadow Lane has been producing spanking erotica for over 25 years, yet many viewers still cite our earliest efforts as their favorites. We've paired the titles thematically or by their featured talent. Arthur Sire tops stunning Amanda Morrison in the 1st video and beautiful, bossy Artemis Antone in the 2nd of the set. Rescue Me (SLV-056d): Amanda turns to Arthur to rescue her from geeky guys pursuing her at a party, but he teaches her to be less exclusive via a hard, over the knee spanking and then a stringent flogging while Amanda is nude and well bound. This spanking, strapping, flogging, cropping and embarrassing bondage, of a submissive princess by a cool headed dominant is both sexy and severe! Running time: 46 minutes. Gentlemen Prefer Brats (SLV-063d) Sex kitten Artemis behaves like a spoiled brat when she and her associate Arthur are dispatched to a trade show by their firm. But Arthur turns the naughty flirt over his knee and spanks her, then orders her to spank herself! He continues to discipline her voluptuous backside with a hairbrush, flogger and strap. But it is not until Artemis is over his lap on the bed, spanked and masturbated to climax (with an undulating vibrator!) that she begins to regard her co-worker as a lover. Spanking leads to the explicit pleasuring of adorable hellcat Artemis. Running time: 80 minutes. Total running time of set: 2 hours, 6 minutes.

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