Classic Combo #10

$ 39.95

Each volume in this series contains 2 full-length Shadow Lane videos from our first 10 years of production, digitally remastered and packaged as a double dvd set. These vintage videos from the 80's and 90's feature many of our most popular performers in their first roles and the action is superb. Shadow Lane has been producing spanking erotica for over 25 years, yet many viewers still cite our earliest efforts as their favorites. We've paired the titles thematically or by their featured talent. Female Spanking Triangle (SLV-049d): Adult superstar Porche Lynn is the mistress of two competitive female submissives. When ex-girlfriend Gemma Talon shows up to challenge the supremacy of current girlfriend Ashley Renee, Porche sets both impertinent brats straight with a good, sound spanking. Because the girls refuse to get along, Porche must resort to the strap and martinet. Naturally the girls get overheated and most of their clothes become discarded in the ensuing melee. Running time: 54 minutes. Tattletail (SLV-062d): Starring Ashley Renee, Sharon Kane, Jennifer Antone and Jacqueline Lick. After Petra's submissive Candice accuses Valerie's submissive Nicolette of being a B&D poser, Valerie takes her insulted protegee to call on Petra for an explanation. Candice admits insulting Nicolette and is instantly taken across Valerie's lap for punishment. But Nicolette was also wrong, for telling on Candice. While Petra takes the dainty Nicolette across her lap, her own submissive Candice makes remarks from the corner so that Valerie must punish her the whole time with a crop. After spanking both irritating brats very hard, the two doms bid Candice to crawl across the floor and present her bare bottom for a good whipping. The ladies then tame their competitive brats by adding vibrator stimulation and matching ponytail bottom penetration. Exquisite corporal punishment with a highly erotic finale. Running time: 75 minutes. Combined running time of 2 dvd set: 2 hours & 9 minutes.

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