Caught Red Handed

$ 19.95


Starring Snow Mercy, Harley Havik and Steve Fuller

Girl spanks Girl and
Boy spanks Girls
Over the knee, hard hand spanking in 3 juicy scenes!

Act 1

A beautiful but shady traffic cop (Snow Mercy), spots a leggy blonde (Harley Havik) running a light and follows that pretty girl home to shake her down for a bribe, to make the ticket she deserves go away. Harley is outraged, but in view of her outstanding tickets, realizes she has no choice but to comply with the bad cop's demands. Snow leans on Harley to get her the cash right away, which infuriates the petty scofflaw to the point of hurling insults at the police officer. This verbal abuse offends Officer Snow very deeply and she responds by dragging Harley down across her sturdy lap and spanking the lovely girl hard! Harley gets a vigorous bare bottom spanking from the 5'11" amazon, who, by the way, looks incredibly sexy in her cop uniform and cap!

Act 2

When Harley's boyfriend (Steve Fuller), comes by Harley's studio to pick her up for dinner, he finds the blonde pacing and cursing, in a state of intense resentment against Officer Snow. Harley tells Steve the story of the shake down, providing as evidence, a smart phone recording of the entire scene, which she managed to capture covertly. Steve is naturally amazed at the temerity of the dishonest cop, but he is even quicker to take issue with Harley, for once again not paying her tickets before incurring new ones! Steve gives vent to his disappointment with his girlfriend by turning Harley over his knee and giving her the spanking of her life.

Act 3

Officer Snow shows up at Harley's studio the next day to collect her $700 in extortion money, but instead of having her palm greased, she winds up getting her own gorgeous bottom shellacked, by her victim's stern boyfriend.  Harley watches with glee as Steve summarily upends the brunette beauty and spanks the hell out of her using only his very hard hand. Snow kicks and cries and whimpers, but receives no mercy from the pair of justice seekers. Snow's luscious white backside is turned a dark rosy red by Steve's relentlessly punishing hand before she is released. Then the shady goddess is placed on her knees on the sofa, with Steve and Harley on either side of her glowing bottom, to burnish it with additional smacks.

Two tall and gloriously shapely spankees join forces with one Shadow Lane's most popular male tops,  to produce an instant corporal punishment classic in Caught Red-Handed.

Running time: 40 minutes.

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