Anal Discipline Spanking

$ 19.95


Starring Angella Faith and Arthur Sire.

Angella's lover senses that she has been bestowing her favors elsewhere. Unable to deny her own untamable libido, Angella admits that she has been naughty with someone else. The situation obviously demands a spanking. But Arthur has another surprise for his perverse playmate, a beautiful, heavy glass butt plug, which Angella is made to accept and retain for the entire second half of her disciplinary spanking. Act 1 depicts traditional over the knee spanking, with Angella in a charming portrait collar sundress and crinoline slip. Act II is staged on a sturdy spanking and discipline horse, upholstered in red leather, serving as the platform for the sensual blonde's punishment. Spanking and anal discipline (anal spanking, butt plug and spanking on butt plug) are on this evening's menu for the bad little thrill seeker. And she whimpers her way to more than one orgasm for dessert.

If you loved Bedroom Discipline & Gentlemen Prefer Brats, you'll see the same generous amounts of deep anal toy penetration plus spanking in Anal Discipline Spanking.

Running time: 43 minutes (includes bonus preview segments from 3 other similarly explicit Shadow Lane videos)

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