American Spanking Story by Eve Howard Shadow Lane #13 New novel!

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American Spanking Story synopsis

Hope turns 30, meets sex researcher Cameron at Carola’s club, sessions with dreadful Victor and sleeps with Colby. Hope’s best friend Brooke reappears, Carola is courted by a fanboy, and at long last, Anthony marries Susan. Petite Jesse joins the staff of The Venus Club to be Carola’s Girl Friday. Dru is ideally suited to be Jesse’s man. Victor crashes the Halloween party. Will Hugo throw him out? Dennis and Josette fall in love. Anthony advises Dennis to spank Josette without delay. Stunningly arrayed, Amanda tops Jesse at the party while Marguerite whips a beautiful red headed statistician. Victor stalks and captures Jesse and Josette, whose attempts to humanize him almost succeed. David punishes Jesse for bad punctuation. Phoebe makes Pascal jealous. An amiable English romance writer with a secret identity sets his cap at Cassandra, but she only has eyes for Wally, who is building her a pyramid. Cassandra’s ex, a bondager, visits The Venus Club. Dennis’ naughty sister, Belinda, proves the perfect mate for Felix, the British switch. As three couples wed in one season, the romance of discipline lives in American Spanking Story.

About Eve Howard

Eve graduated from Vassar in 1975 and began editing for a major adult magazine publisher in 1979. In 1986, she was discovered by Nu-West, a producer of spanking videos. Acting in Nu-West movies reinforced her authenticity as a real female voice in the scene. Eve began writing Shadow Lane fiction and met her future husband, Tony. They formed Shadow Lane, and along with graphic designer Butch Simms, published the iconic spanking magazine, Stand Corrected. Barney Rossett, of Grove Press, was the first to publish Eve’s novels, under the Blue Moon imprint. Shadow Lane went on to produce 240 high quality spanking videos, written and directed by Eve, with appeal for female enthusiasts as well as men. Eve lost Tony in 2020, after a beautiful 34-year relationship that included expanding their community through personal ads and hosting gala national parties for 28 years. Eve resides in Las Vegas and is writing a novelistic memoir of her life in the scene.