Bare Assets

$ 19.95

Starring Nikki Rouge and Steve Fuller.

Nikki reluctantly appears for an interview with the executor of her trust fund, extremely unwilling to take responsibility for the poor choices that have left her finances in total disarray. But her financial advisor has finally run out of patience with her get rich quick schemes and high living and makes his displeasure known by seizing the surprised redhead on the way to turning her over his knee. Sensing her impending doom, the nimble Nikki tries to scoot out of Steve's grasp, but he easily reels her back and drags her across his lap. Giving the seat of her short shorts a good polishing with the palm of his hand, Mr. Fuller lectures Nikki on all the mistakes she has committed which have led to the reduction of her estate. Nikki's shorts are pulled down and her pink panties revealed as phase two of her punishment begins. Nikki has much to atone for, from second mortgaging to purchasing unsecured debentures, which Mr. Fuller specifically advised against. Now look where she is, over her financial guardian's knee, get paddled with the flat of his very hard hand. Naturally a severe bare bottom spanking looms in her near future and her irate monetary caretaker is the one to administer it. Nikki is summarily dealt with and warned to mend her profligate ways between now and their next meeting, when she will be required to produce all her credit cards for destruction. The careless girl meekly agrees but privately decides to disregard every shred of good advice she has received.

Nikki arrives for her second interview with Mr. Fuller dressed in a ladylike manner, perhaps in the hopes that her adviser will begin to see her as a grown woman, rather than a recalcitrant child who must be taken in hand. No such luck for the saucy girl. For her guardian has discovered a whole hoard of credit card accounts Nikki has been running up huge bills on, which she had no intention of telling him anything about. Once again, Nikki is taken across Mr. Fuller's knee, this time for a longer and even harder correctional session. Her dainty skirt is pushed up to reveal classic white cotton panties, but the sight of these do little to curb Mr. Fuller's indignation. For he is determined to make the irresponsible playgirl understand that her funds are finite and that she is almost at the end of them. Nikki is spanked on her full briefs and on the bare bottom for her extravagances and haughtiness. She wriggles and argues, wheedles and writhes, but Mr. Fuller spanks on, telling Nikki that from now on she can make her mad money working for him, and to bring her mop and bucket next time.

Nikki objects so strongly to becoming Mr. Fuller's part time housekeeper that she arrives for work the next day at five PM dressed for cocktails. And she also writes and draws disrespectful things on his blackboard. But she doesn't care, because she's a little vixen with a hell of a pain tolerance, as you will see. Once again, Nikki is upended and spanked, but this time over sexy black lingerie. Then she is made to kneel in her black satin frills and fishnet stockings, the highest of heels displaying the highest and most graceful of insteps to exquisite perfection, before the titian haired Venus is spanked some more. The graceful Nikki tries many evasive tactics in this video, but she never gets away from Steve for long, because she both needs and deserves to be spanked severely. At some point a small maple paddle is used, as well as a tooled leather strap, to tame this firecracker dressed for trouble making that night. Nikki's trim, toned and lusciously curvaceous bottom receives a surfeit of discipline because Steve's arm is tireless.

Bare Assets pairs the ever stalwart, classically irritable and straight-laced disciplinarian Steve Fuller with the irrepressible smart-ass masochist Nikki Rouge in a beautiful three act drama that has an engaging personality all its own, on top of the strict corporal punishment. Nikki's charms are obvious, but note to the ladies: Mr. Fuller will feed your fantasies!

Running time: 50 minutes.

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