Bad Girls

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It's finally the twenty-tweens - time to spank a whole new generation of BAD GIRLS. A double scenario home and school discipline tour de force starring Sarah Gregory, Kat St. James and Tom Byron.


Return with us once more to the study hall of Braemar Prep, where even seniors can end up doing detention for breaking school rules. Mr. Dominick, Kat and Sarah's homeroom teacher, tell the casual coeds that they are busted, because he saw them, the previous night, drinking at a townie bar with fake i.d.'s. Adorable blonde Kat is struck dumb with apprehension at being caught dead to rights by their sternest teacher but Sarah dares to argue when Mr. Dominick informs them that they are about to be spanked as well as bent over and strapped on their bare behinds. Bratty, smart mouth Sarah, the instigator, obviously deserves every sharp slap on her bouncy white bottom, while innocent Kat seems a good girl at heart, drawn into bad behavior by her friend. Indignantly spanking the two girls in turn, their teacher makes sure this is the worst detention either of them have ever endured. Even so, Sarah continues to display a provocative, saucy attitude while doing corner time at the blackboard with her now-rosy bottom on full view. But nothing goes unnoticed by Mr. Dominick, a determined and stingingly effective disciplinarian. Kat and Sarah are made to kick their pretty legs, sob, plead and cry, the corporal punishment continuing until both bottoms have been spanked magenta and both girls seem sincerely contrite.


Sarah is Tom's spoiled rotten daughter, who lives at home, and Kat is her visiting cousin. It's a lazy afternoon and Tom is all set to watch a ballgame when the girls ask for permission to go down to the Las Vegas strip on a bus, promising to return the same way they went, without bothering him for a ride either way. Tom is skeptical, used to his manipulative daughter's trick of pretending to lose her carfare and calling for a pick up to save herself the tedium of waiting for a bus at night. So he warns both Sarah and her cousin of what will happen if they end up being a pain in his butt. They will receive an even worse pain in theirs. Naturally, Sarah winds up spending all their money, including carfare, getting into a club, necessitating the usual call to Daddy to come rescue her. Tom goes downtown to get his daughter and her cousin, steaming mad.

As soon as he gets the two of them home he tells them straight up that they are both going to be spanked hard for ruining his night. The girls are sent to put on their pajamas and as soon as they return, their punishment begins. No amount of whining or promises of better future behavior gets Sarah any mercy out of her long suffering parent and she receives the sound spanking she has earned. Both hairbrush and belt as well as a properly terse amount of scolding, are wielded by Tom to good effect in getting his point across to the two inconsiderate girls in this action packed scene.

About this Domestic Discipline Dream Team: Babydoll Kat is utterly hapless as her mischievous cousin's sidekick, but so spankable that one can't get enough of her angelic bottom squirming and glowing with heat. Rambunctious Sarah Gregory steals every scene with her irrepressible antics, convincing the viewer each moment she's on screen that she genuinely deserves to be spanked. Tom Byron is one of our best and most popular doms, displaying both the traditional attitudes and well-honed skills of a lifelong spanker. Blending just the right amount of affableness and seriousness, Tom is perfectly convincing as the dad of a misbehaving brat who has reached the limit of his patience and simply must unbuckle his belt. With every member of the cast a genuine spanking enthusiast, it's not just your fantasy, it's theirs.

Running time: 42 minutes.

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