Teacher's Pet Peeve

$ 19.95


Starring Dee Williams and Veronica Weston

Featuring full nude spanking, strapping and paddling for a beautiful submissive girl, from her hot cougar crush!

Miss Williams kindly explains to her charming, infatuated student Veronica, that her stalking behavior is unacceptable and must cease at once. Veronica protests that her teacher is too beautiful not to be passionately in love with. Miss Williams dismisses her student, but soon finds that Veronica is spying on her undressing, through the window! A very hard spanking is administered to the naughty student, over pantyhose, panties and then, fully nude, as well as a strapping and hair brush paddling. Gorgeous Veronica gets no love from her teacher beyond a sore, red bottom.

Running time: 35 minutes

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