Pouty in Pink

$ 19.95


An over the knee spanking drama with beautiful bondage, stringent strapping and hard paddling

Starring Ten Amorette and Brian Tarsis

What modern girl doesn't need a good spanking for spending all her time on her phone? While away with his lovely wife, Brian recaptures Ten's undivided attention by mailing all her devices back home!

When Ten realizes she will have to go entire days without being connected, she throws a tantrum that ends with her slapping her husband's face. Brian turns the slender brunette over his knee and spanks her trim, athletic bottom through her dress, pantyhose and panties, before exposing her beautiful bare backside and burnishing it with his huge, hard hand. The stubborn girl is soon subdued, or so she would have him believe.

The next morning, Brian finds Ten, lovely in a pink nightie with a ruffled skirt, playing PokemanGo on her new phone, that she just had special delivered to their suite, at great expense. Ten doubles down on the undeniable fact that she can't be without her phone and Brian just as stubbornly maintains that she is being spoiled and bratty, not to say financially irresponsible, due to her technology addiction. And he's not having it. He will spank her until she understands.

Ten resists, insisting that she must have her phone back and not giving in. But Brian is fed up with her immaturity and gets out a big strap and an even bigger wooden paddle to change her point of view. In the end, what gets her attention better than any thing, is placing her in a laddered rope tie, in the knee to elbow position, with her bottom thrust up for the paddle's heavy salute. After a vigorous smacking with this unforgiving implement, Ten realizes that she had better behave!

Brian Tarsis, pre-eminent illustrator of the spanking scene and one of our most popular and accomplished tops, makes his video come back after an absence of over a dozen years, in this delightful domestic discipline drama, co-starring adorable and glamorously skinny, bad girl, Ten Amorette. Pouty in Pink (SLV-214d)

Running time: 31 minutes

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