No Ifs, Ands - Just Butts! 5

$ 19.95

Thrill to 18 Shadow Lane beauties, exposed and soundly spanked, in 92 minutes of premium, up-close butt shot footage!

First enjoy a quick glimpse of the darling spankee’s face, then cut to the close-up bottom shot, for the rest of each juicy excerpt in our latest collection. Spotlight is on the rear view of 18 Shadow Lane beauties, all getting bare-bottom spanked and a few, even penetrated! Includes the exquisitely exposed and well punished backsides of: Layla Savage, Nikki Rouge, Violet October, Ten Amorette, Elori Stix, Summer Hart, Mackenzie Reed, Harley Havik, Snow Mercy, Clare Fonda, Dee Williams, Alisha Williams, Adriana Evans, Lady Alice, Delta Hauser, Ramona Vandermilk, Maddy Marks, and our most recent and gorgeous new discovery, Veronica Weston.

Running time: 92 minutes.

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