Nikki's Boy Toy

$ 19.95

Shadow Lane presents Miss Nikki Rouge, upholding the highest standards of traditional domestic discipline, in Nikki's Boy Toy, a new fem dom spanking drama starring Nikki Rouge and Mike Fluffy.

Snow gives her best friend Nikki Rouge the keys to her place for the summer, along with the use of her new houseboy, Mike. Naturally, he disappoints his new mistress for a variety of reasons, and of course, is promptly punished, in a variety of ways.

Dressed in a perfect, 1950's style outfit, Nikki takes the small, handsome man over her skirted lap, very quickly pulls down his jeans and shorts and begins lambasting his bare backside with her very effective hand. A paddle, hairbrush and wooden spoon, are also employed by Mike's strict new mistress, rapidly turning his pale bottom a vivid pink. Needless to say, he doesn't dare argue with his forceful new goddess.

Mike's training continues when he is made to strip and assume the position over Nikki's padded leather spanking bench. Nikki is eager to initiate her newest toys on her newest boy toy, and lets him feel the good of her multi-stick canes across his upturned bottom. The tall, leggy former dancer, with her strong, graceful body and powerful will, takes the greatest pleasure in wholly dominating her new playmate. For his part, Mike is a properly behaved submissive boy, accepting everything she bestows upon him, with humility and gratitude.

Mike's next position of punishment places him on all fours, kneeling on the padded bench that holds all of Nikki's toys. Now clad in a retro girdle and brassiere combination in sheer pink and lace nylon, trimmed with black ribbons and set off to magnificence by the redhead's ultra high black fetish pumps and sheer black, seamed stockings, Miss Rouge gives Mike a stinging taste of the Twisted Sister carpet beater bamboo cane.

In this sequence, Nikki also uses a selection of leather paddle straps on Mike's increasingly tender back side.

Finally, Miss Nikki Rouge ends as she began, by giving Mike a sound, over the knee, bare bottom spanking across his radiantly glowing cheeks.

From start to finish, the visuals of this woman spanks boy tour de force will delight traditionalists, leg men and lingerie lovers, fans of tall, strong, powerful female tops and domestic discipline disciples. Also includes loads of lovely scolding, face to the wall humiliation and a bit of discreet bottom kissing at the conclusion, as tribute to the splendid Nikki Rouge.

Running time: 38 minutes.

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