Freudian Slap

$ 19.95

Freudian Slap
and Stiffed and Miffed

A double scenario spanking drama
starring Clare Fonda and Butch Simms

Two lively scenarios, starring one of the cutest, funniest and most charismatic spankees in the world, Clare Fonda, and co-starring Shadow Lane's own mighty Butch Simms, fill our 221st video with exciting hard spanking action, witty dialog and unique personality.

Stiffed and Miffed

After working all day installing a faucet, a plumber is informed by his inconsiderate customer, that all he will receive for his labor is a post dated check. Having had to chase this lady for payments in the past, The plumber informs the lady that he'll take cash that very day, or wear his arm out spanking her. When she protests, Butch gives her a stinging taste of his righteous indignation, turning her silky smooth white bottom dark pink with his hard hand.

Freudian Slap

A troubled individual visits a therapist to complain that no one pays attention to him. But in the middle of bearing his soul to the psychological practitioner, Mr. Simms notices that, ironically, Ms. Fonda isn't paying the slightest bit of attention to him. Naturally Butch loses it and straight up calls her out on her glaring lack of empathy, not to mention, her insultingly unprofessional behavior. Next thing she knows, Clare finds herself over his knee for a complete attitude adjustment. Butch spanks the living daylights out of her!

Running time: 43 minutes

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