Scene One - Issue 10

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On going through our files we recently came across a cache of old Scene One personal ads magazines and even a few Stand Corrected magazines from between 15-20 years ago. This is how people used to find each other before the internet. These publications are filled with fun reading, and most include my Shadow Lane stories, photos and original Tarsis illustrations. If you select any of these classic publications, please read for enjoyment only, don't attempt to answer these ancient ads, as we stopped forwarding responses to them decades ago. Actually, some of the ads with addresses in them might still be active, as some of these people still come to our parties, but recognize that a long time has passed and writing to these ads will probably result in nothing. However, if you do write to an ad and wind up meeting someone, that would make one hell of a letter to the editor, so keep us posted on all developments. SUPPLIES LIMITED!

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