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Eve Howard's Spanking Blog November 2014 November 16 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings Spanking Fans!

Presenting a blow by blow synopsis of the action
in our brand new video, Sorority Hellion, starring
stunning Casey Calvert, sexy disciplinarian Gretta
Carlson and me!


Scenes from SORORITY HELLION (SLV-196d)

Starring Casey Calvert, Gretta Carlson and Eve Howard

Gretta Carlson co-stars with Casey Calvert in Act One
of this exciting new entry in the Our Sorority series.

Casey Calvert plays Tori, the kind of hell raiser
Lambda Sigma Zeta attracts.

House Mother Gretta takes senior sister Tori over her lap for abusing her
powers in the sorority.

Tori has been over-hazing the junior pledges and giving the sorority house an
even worse reputation for sexual perversity that it already has.

Gretta has found that complete nudity tends to make a culprit feel more
vulnerable and hence, more submissive.

Tori taking her spanking but secretly planning more outrageous acts of
rebellion against propriety.

Sugar and spice and everything naughty, plus
stunning legs and heels.

Gretta drives the lesson home with a taste of maple.

Casey Calvert channeling Ashley Renee realness.

Hourglass goddess and sprightly sylph, these bodies in motion are heavenly.

Tori typifies the Lambda Sigma Zeta girl, sexually precocious,
devil may care, hot as hell and of course, a spoiled brat.

A body like Casey Calvert's is not seen every day in the world of adult entertainment.
With her graceful natural proportions, exquisitely tiny waist, luxuriant silky brown
tresses and expressively beautiful features, she's as photogenic as models come.
But Casey is the whole package, a smart, witty, well informed, well prepared,
sporty, fun girl who takes a great spanking.

Maybe the camera loves Casey so much because she takes such a good spanking.

No sorority punishment would be complete without a session with the leather strap.

Tori protests that it is her privilege as a senior sister to haze the pledges and
refuses to admit she overstepped the bounds. So Gretta continues the discipline.

Gretta doesn't mind putting the extra time and effort into getting
Tori to say "Lambda Sigma Zeta Forever" like she means it.


Act Two of Sorority Hellion

Busted! Tori sends all of the junior sisters out on errands so
she can have the sorority house to herself. She gets out the
sex toys she ordered using the Lambda Sigma Zeta credit
card and proceeds to pleasure herself. But she is caught by
the regional head of Lambda, Eve Howard.

Tori has even ordered her own play bench with sorority funds. Eve tests it out.

It's more spanking for Miss Tori, the selfish sorority brat,
who bosses all the other girls around for her own amusement.

Eve tells Tori to demonstrate the use of some of her toys as she continues to
spank her. This makes both the spanking and the masturbation more interesting.

Want to get a spanking girl hot? Watch what Tori does
with a vibrating wand while she is being spanked and paddled.

Sorority Hellion embodies the spirit of Lambda Sigma Zeta perfectly. It's all
about discipline and eroticism mixed into one.

Sorority Hellion available now on DVD!

Spanking Sessions in Vegas with Eve Howard

Breezing through Las Vegas for business or pleasure
this autumn? You might consider scheduling some
"you" time, when you can get the spanking of your
dreams from an experienced disciplinarian with a
profound understanding of what makes bad boys tick.
Over the knee spanking, hairbrush spanking, wooden
paddling, leather strapping and possibly even some
caning or restraint may be in store for you on your next
visit to the gem of the Southwest. Email me with a
detailed description of your ideal scene and we'll make
a date. I also enjoy playing with couples and as always,
my bosom buddy, Gretta Carlson is available to
participate as the second top lady in any corporal
punishment scenario you may envision. Write me at: or call 702-395-0783 to arrange
an appointment. A few days or weeks advance notice
is always appreciated. Calling on the day you want to
play is cutting it too close. Hope to see some of you




Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - October 2014 October 15 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings Spanking Fans! 

Hope you're enjoying your Autumn, the perfect time for spanking. We ushered in October by shooting with one of our favorite new Shadow Lane girls, Violet October.

In Motivational Spanking (SLV-195d), I play the baby boomer mom of a boomeranger, that is, a grown kid who bounces back home after college instead of moving out the way kids always used to during better economic times. In an effort to make my daughter to consider any place better than living at home, I institute domestic discipline. 

 Violet October is so cute in her little jeans that of course she requires a hairbrush spanking. 

 In this scenario, my stubborn daughter has a plan to save up lots of money before moving out on her own. But it's taking too long and I'm getting impatient. So I communicate my annoyance with my live at home brat with a solid maple paddle across her adorable bottom.

When my spanking fails to provide sufficient motivation for our daughter to leave home, my husband Butch tries his considerably harder hand at impressing our offspring that independence is more desirable than sheltering indefinitely in the familial nest.

Violet holds out as long as she can, stubbornly insisting that she has a plan. But Butch also has a plan, to rid his domicile of both his lazy daughter and her encroaching boyfriend "Muskrat" once and for all.

The darling bottom of Violet October, well spanked by both her mom and dad!

We're betting that many long time Shadow Lane fans will get a kick out of seeing Eve and Butch play the parents of a 22 year old bad girl. We genuinely enjoyed this role play scenario.

Available now on DVD!

We'll be sticking with the millennials this month and shooting stunning Casey Calvert next. Her top will be the ever popular blonde bombshell, Gretta Carlson!

Ideas for our next Labor Day Party Weekend

We've been kicking around the idea of luncheon instead of, or in addition to evening events during our next Labor Day party weekend.

If you often come to our parties or are thinking about attending one for the first time, drop us a line and let us know which of these options would appeal most to you.

A. Instead of two evening events on Friday and Saturday night, we are thinking of having two luncheon events on Saturday and Sunday. We'd have the ballroom for four hours on each of these days, which would make for a different daytime energy. We wouldn't have a vendor fair, but we would have plenty of time and space for games, demonstrations, skits, participation, etc. None of this is planned so far. It's just a new idea.

B. We keep the Saturday event as a buffet dinner dance but instead of Friday in the ballroom, we shift that to a Sunday luncheon event. Since it's Labor Day  Weekend and most people stay over Sunday night anyway, we figured this might be a nice option. It would also allow for late check in's on Friday night not to miss anything. But it would also allow for dressing up for an evening event on the Saturday.

C. We keep everything the same as usual with two evening events on Friday and Saturday night.

What is your opinion of these options? Reach me in one of the following ways:

Tweet to me on twitter where my name is: Eve Howard @EveShadowLane

Email me:

Contact me on under the name: EveHoward

Or post to the "Shadow Lane Spanking" group on

Or post to Tony Elka's Facebook page, the default Shadow Lane Facebook presence:

Your input would be most welcome!


Spanking Sessions in Vegas

Have you been naughty enough to deserve a bare bottom spanking with hand and hairbrush? Are you stressed and in need of release? Is there no one in your world who understands your need for discipline?

Do you see yourself as a recalcitrant student, a disobedient delinquent or a careless cad in need of occasional correction? Whether your tolerance for corporal punishment is large or little, I have the experience and determination to satisfy your needs. If you're planning on breezing through Vegas and want more details on making your most cherished spanking fantasies come true, email me,

You can also call to chat about the possibilities at 702-395-0783.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - September 2014 September 21 2014, 0 Comments

We said farewell to the Summer of 2014 in our usual way,
with a big spanking party weekend here in Las Vegas.
Shadow Laners from across the country, the Atlantic and
Pacific joined us for our 34th gala event.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the party. Some
joined us for the first time, others have been coming for over
twenty years. Some couples who attended met for the first
time at our parties or through our personal ads. That's a happy
thing for us.

At this point in time, there are many regional spanking parties
occurring at various times in the year, including Boardwalk
Badness  (SSNY), SCONY, Crimson Moon, Florida Moonshine,
Texas All State and our friend The London Tanner has even begun
an annual party in Spain called The World Spanking Party.
Many enthusiasts travel from party to party, making our scene
into the mainstay of their social lives.

This promotes a wholesome and guiltless feeling of belonging
to a happy, healthy, thriving community that no one need ever
be ashamed of again. But at the same time, we've all learned
from experience that the hands on practice of fetishism
"tis caviar to the masses" and still a secret to be kept from all
but those who share it. Don't expect your co-workers or your
family to understand or approve. It is none of their business at all.
Spanking is still a sexually esoteric adult pursuit that promises
intense pleasure to those who dream of it and seek it out. To the
rest of the world, it remains to a greater or lesser extent, an
inexplicable curiosity, freak show or joke. This is not to say that
you should be paranoid about "people finding out" to the extent
of not participating. It is only to say that you shouldn't expect
people who are completely vanilla to understand what kind of fun
the spanking scene can bring to those who are already enthusiasts.
I've met scores of people in the scene who have felt compelled to
confess their obsession with spanking to best friends or family
members, only to be advised to seek counseling. This is a great
disappointment that can be avoided by simply holding your own
council about this frankly erotic interest. You can avoid this type
of disappointment by making your confessions to others in the scene.
And when you do, the kind of feed back you get will not disappoint
you at all. It will make you feel that you belong.

We hope to try something a bit different for our next Labor Day party
weekend. Instead of evening events, we are thinking of having two
casually festive luncheon days, on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor
Day weekend. This will bring a different type of energy to the party.
Instead of a vendor fair, we will make the ballroom available for
demonstrations, exhibitions, games and other activities. Anyone
interested in putting on an exhibition or even a short one act play,
should talk to us before the next party. We are open to all fun ideas.


This group shot pictures all the Shadow Lane models we could round up in
the ballroom at 8:45 on Saturday night. Top row from left to right: Kyle Johnson,
Dallas, Alex Best, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ralph Marvel, Mark Fisher, Tony Elka,
Gino Coletti, Butch Simms and Keith Jones. Bottom row from left to right: Stevie
Rose, Sarah Gregory, Erica Scott, Alex Reynolds, Vivian Sweet, Eve Howard and
Dolores Cortez. Other Shadow Lane models who were at the party included
Stephanie Locke, Virginia Lewis and Ten Amorette.


Amelia Jane Rutherford with one of her favorite co-stars, Keith Jones.


Stevie Rose and Sarah Gregory


Erica Scott and Alex Reynolds


Shadow Lane partner, Art Director
and performer, Butch Simms


Virginia Lewis returns!


The beautiful legs of Stephanie Locke, punctuated
by 9" heels.



Scenes from our newest boy spanks girl video, The Haughty Girl starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Ralph Marvel

In The Haughty Girl, an arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict
boss in a spanking tour de force! Features hard hand spanking and full nudity
of a 6'2" blonde goddess!


Panty pull downs trigger indignation in haughty girls.


The owner of a casting agency is peeved with his new talent manager for
inflicting devastating criticism on the models who don't meet her high
standards of elocution. Tired of dealing with complaints, Mr. Marvel decides
to spank some courtesy into the stunning, leggy, blonde Amelia Rutherford,
using only his huge, hard hand.


Amelia is one of those rare models whose range
of expressions enables her to look like a different
girl in every picture.


Amelia channeling Gweneth Paltrow.


Pouty girl.


Punished to perfection.


In the second scene, the beautiful, but still rude British perfectionist, is
ordered to remove every stitch of clothing and take a second sound hand
spanking from her boss in the nude. Crackling bare bottom spanking,
wonderfully witty dialog, and a rollicking dominant vs brat dynamic, adds up
to an instant Shadow Lane classic, featuring two of our most beloved
performers, together for the first time. (SLV-194d) running time: 41 minutes

The Haughty Girl on DVD


Spanking Sessions with Eve Howard

Coming to Vegas for a convention or business? Lose
some stress with an excellent spanking scene. I love role play
scenarios and will enthusiastically portray a mom, head
mistress, lady boss or dominant wife. Never had a
spanking before after dreaming of one your entire life? I've
been into it all my life too and can take you through your
first real adult scene with skill and empathy. Enjoy
submitting to two dominant women at once? My neighbor,
Gretta Carlson is happy to come and join me in dispensing
all the corporal punishment required.

Email me, at:

Or call for an appointment: 702-395-0783.

You can follow me on Fetlife and ask any questions you like
pertaining to spanking. You can also follow me on twitter
where I am EveShadowLane. Too shy to meet in person but
interested in intimate phone conversations about spanking or
even role playing over the phone? I am available for phone
sessions on The phone number to reach me
through Niteflirt is 1-800-TO-FLIRT but please email me before
you call to let me know when you might be calling as I don't
have it on all the time. Cheers and I look forward to spanking
some of you this coming Autumn and Winter.







Eve Howard's Blog July 2014 July 24 2014, 0 Comments


Greetings Spanking Fans,

Shadow Lane has a Facebook page under Tony Elka. Want to connect with friends before the party? Follow us on the Tony Elka Facebook page and post messages there. You can also post to the various Shadow Lane party groups on FetLife, which is free to join and asks no private info about members.


I just posted a question on Tony Elka's Facebook page: What are you bringing to the party?

Here are my suggestions:


In Vegas at summer's end, it's still blazing hot outside and frosty within all modern buildings. So you'll need sun glasses, sunscreen and a sweater.


Attire for the party is dressy casual for Friday night and dressy casual to formal for Saturday night, as your inclination steers you. On Friday night, many spankees enjoy wearing classic spanking looks, such as prep school style blazers, shorts, pleated skirts, and other traditional articles that draw attention to their spankablilty. On Saturday night suits and even tuxes may be seen on the lads, while ladies tend to display their beauty in cocktail dresses, prom dresses and gowns. This doesn't mean that you can't go casual both nights. If you feel most comfortable and cute in jeans, by all means, be yourself.


Here are two examples of great spanking style for ladies, each with different points and features to recommend them. The iconic pencil skirt, modeled here by Ashley Edmonds, outlines, profiles, displays and tightly encases Miss Edmond's shapely seat. But while the glove tight skirt does draw the eye and whet the appetite to see more, getting it up for a spanking is no easy task. How do you do it? Make her hike it up before she gets over? Try yanking it up yourself once she's over your knee? Awkward and annoying. Or do you have unzip and remove the skirt entirely before beginning? Either way, there's nothing fluid about getting a girl in tight skirt bared.


The second example shows the advantages of a "swing" skirt, which is what they are calling any skirt that is loose, rather than clinging. A fuller skirt may be easily flipped up or folded back to reveal a spankee's bottom. And as this close up on the lovely derriere of Violet October reveals, a loose skirt can make the prettiest possible frame for a rosy seat.



Additional Party Suggestions


There will be many options for buying toys at the vendor fair, but if you want to pack your own essential spanking kit, I would include: a solid wooden hairbrush, a round or oval leather paddle and a leather strap. 


Spanking Etiquette sidebar: If you plan to asks guests to your room and you're the kind of spanking person who travels with dozens of esoteric toys, do keep the most invasive items of gear tucked away in a drawer until use. 

Many is the innocent spankee who has consented to play in someone's room, envisioning a bit of over the knee spanking, then walked in to see every  table, desk and dresser top piled high with retention plugs and enema equipment. For a casual party hook up, that's  just too much, too soon. Not saying don't bring those things, just talk about them first, play show and tell only after some interest has been expressed.


Since you might get lucky in love at this party, it's never a bad idea to bring condoms. Not that spanking parties are like swingers events. But the atmosphere is still highly conducive to romance and love. Many happy couples meet for the first time at spanking parties.


If you plan to have guests to your room or suite, having some bottled water on hand to offer them will be appreciated. 


Still haven't bought your tickets or reserved rooms yet? Please read this!


Labor Day Party Update


This is looking to be a more popular weekend in Vegas than usual, so please book as soon as you can to secure the best rates and a room at our party hotel. 


Shadow Lane Party 2014

The cut-off date for Shadow Lane guests/attendees to make room reservations at The Suncoast at our contracted  group rate is coming up on 7/30/2014.  

Reservations may be conveniently secured until cut-off date through our toll free reservations number at 866-636-7111 Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific times. Callers must reference our group code (A4SLC08), in order to receive our contracted group rate. By referencing this same group code they may also book their reservation on-line at

 Reservation requests received after cut-off date will be booked at prevailing rate, based on room availability.


Shadow Lane Party Tickets

Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

Buy your tickets for the party from us in one of the following ways:


Email: Eve Howard: 

or Tony:

State the number of tickets needed, but do NOT include your credit card number, expiration date or the three digit security code from the back, we will reply with a secure method for transferring this information, your security comes first. Let us know whether you want the ticket or tickets mailed or held at the door.


2. Call us to place the ticket order by credit card over the phone.

Phone: (702) 395-0783 Again, specify if you want the ticket or tickets mailed to you or held at the door.


3. PayPal users:  Make your payment to:


4. Mailing address for checks, money orders and charge card orders:


P.O. Box 751573

Las Vegas, NV 89136-1573


5. pay with cash at the door


Tickets are $150.00 per person.


Hotel booking information


Basic rooms are $95.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$42.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


2 Bedroom Mediterranean Suites are $300.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$250.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


Party falls on the weekend of Aug 29th -31st 2014


Group code for making reservations

(to be placed on the special Shadow Lane floors and receive group rates)

is: A4SLC08


Suncoast phone reservations number is: 866-636-7111


Rooms can be reserved on the Suncoast website using the group code @


Cut off for guaranteed group rates is July 30th!!! After that rooms may still be booked on the basis of availability but group rates may vary.


ANY QUESTIONS, CALL! (702) 395-0783


General Party Info:



Questions about party etiquette?



Let us know what kind of music you like to dance to by adding your favorites to the Official Shadow Lane 2014 Song Request thread on fetlife. Here's the link:


Fetlife is free and discreet. There is a large Shadow Lane party section there so you can find out who is coming and touch bases with friends. Use this board to network with other Shadow Laners before the party!


Can't get on FetLife? You can email me your song suggestions and I'll post them in the thread for you.


Spanking Sessions in Vegas



Can't make it to the party but coming to Vegas some other time? Need a good, old fashioned, over the knee spanking? Drop me an email and tell me what you envision as the perfect spanking scene. I have a black board, a spanking bench and two trunks full of paddles and straps. And if you fancy two strict teachers, aunties or hard to please women next door to take you in hand, I can have my good friend Gretta Carlson join us. Write me at: or call 702-395-0783



Thanks and see you soon!

Tony and Eve


New video Summer School Blues May 20 2014, 1 Comment

Scenes from our new video, Summer School Blues

Starring Violet October and introducing Ashley Edmonds


Our new release, Summer School Blues (SLV-193) re-exposes Shadow Lane's newest submissive starlet, Violet October, who was first introduced to our viewers in The Petite Protegee a few months back and showcases the abilities of the beautiful and strict Ashley Edmonds to our viewers for the first time. Anyone steeped in spanking video culture will see at a glance that Miss Edmonds embodies the traditional disciplinarian, capable at a moment's notice, of taking up a sturdy wooden paddle to correct the misdeeds of her charge. 


Note the flagrant disregard for authority exhibited by provocative Penny (Violet October) as she rudely nibbles on sour cherrie drops during the lesson she has failed to prepare for. Also note the incredibly shapely bottom of Ashley Edmonds in her turquoise pencil skirt. This no nonsense lady has it all.


Nothing meaningful can be accomplished before the pull down. 


Penny doesn't attempt to hide her resentment for her summer school teacher, but this only makes Miss Edmonds more determined to tame the wayward blonde.


"I'll teach you to make fist at me, young lady!"


A hand spanking is only the beginning. But finally, Miss Edmonds is beginning to get through to her summer school brat.


What teacher wouldn't be angry if her student disrespected her by shoving candies and chewing gum into her mouth every time her back was turned? It's time to show Penny she means business, so Miss Edmonds starts bringing her paddles to bear.


The famous Board of Education novelty paddle is a hard hunk of wood no spankee can ignore. The naughty preppie girl receives a full measure of its harsh discipline before her teacher is satisfied that Penny has learned her lesson well and truly. 

These beautiful blondes are the ladies to watch as the sweltering summer begins! 

DVD available now!

Shadow Lane: 2014 Party Update May 20 2014, 0 Comments

Eve's Spanking Blog

May 2014

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!


Summer is almost here and we know what happens when the weather gets warm, the urge to play spanking games is at its strongest. So why not put yourself somewhere that offers you the most options for spanking play, the Shadow Lane Labor Day party weekend for example. We've been calling it our Casino Royale party because it's held in a casino hotel in Las Vegas. The party dates this year are very easy to remember, being the last three days of August, the 29th, 30th and 31st.

Part of the magic of being into an esoteric fetish is that it allows otherwise ordinary people to engage together in what are, by our lights, glamorous and exciting activities.  Movie stars at Cannes don't have more fun than cute girls in plaid skirts at spanking balls. It isn't possible to be more excited than a spanking enthusiast is at the prospect of meeting someone they've been corresponding with for months and finally playing out a fantasy scenario with them, either one on one or with an audience. Actually getting to play, after dreaming about playing one's whole life, is everything.

Many a spanking enthusiast has confided to me that like myself, in the world of vanilla society, they are painfully bashful and never know what to say at a party to strangers. In the spanking world, we have our own culture, our own language, and our own common experiences to bind us together from the moment we meet. Normally reserved people can rock in the spanking scene. Just look at our scene heroes and role models: teachers and librarians. You can make the heart of spanking enthusiast pound just by pulling out a plain straight-backed chair in front of them or wearing a pleated skirt or carrying a hairbrush in your purse. It doesn't take much to get us going when we're just out in the scene and alert to every "startle", i.e., a thing of any kind possessing some sort of spanking connotation.

Regional spanking parties, in America and Europe, have become contagious, with many people attending multiple events per year, sometimes crossing borders and oceans to party with our obsessive counterparts in distant cities or even other lands. You don't have to be an A-lister to live your fantasies to the hilt in the spanking scene. If someone is willing to be proactive, agreeable and the slightest bit social, these parties can serve as a portal into the heart of the scene. Not that success is guaranteed to anyone. It's not in the vanilla world either. You have to bring something to the table. 

We were one of the first, if not the first entity to throw a large, gala spanking party in a hotel, with a vendor fair, catered food and dancing. We held our first event of this nature in 1991 and will host our 34th party in Vegas this Labor Day Weekend, 2014.

Parties, spanking personals and personal introductions have wrought miracles in our scene, mating up people who never even came close to dating before, people who had been despaired of as too weird ever to find a significant other. The scene brings together all sorts of people and naturally within the mix, water seeks its own level. Attractive people tend to be attracted to each other. Same goes for geeky people. You could pan around a room at a spanking party and see some couples that looked like they stepped out of Vanity Fair and others who might have posed for Dian Arbus. 

There is no typical spanking person. A spanking enthusiast could be a stunning college girl or a fifty three year old virgin male, who has never had any sex other than with himself and a magazine or video. Both are equally obsessed with spanking. Obviously, that cute girl is going to hook up fast, but once in a while, that middle aged hobbit of a spanking shut-in will bump into his female counterpart, at a party or online, or because a friend put them together in a room, and the affinity will spring up between them to bring them into the land of the living together. And they will marry and play and not be lonely anymore. 

Then again, it's possible to be too awkward even for the spanking scene, but everyone gets at least a couple of chances to test the waters. If the brilliant Samuel Johnson were alive today, he'd be a member of his local BDSM support group and he'd go to parties. He'd strike out of course, because he was notoriously unwashed. I mention Johnson because he spoke of wanting to be whipped to Boswell and with that, expressed some self-loathing. Sounds like a guilty but subbed out 18th century Christian to me. But take the much more urbane Rousseau. He never seemed to connect with a spanking mistress, though he openly yearned for one. Today, he'd have his pick of them and also have enjoyed himself.

But back to spanking parties. They've become one big, international floating convention, with the half-dorky/half-hip spanking jet set planning most of their vacations around them. With ages ranging from the barely legal to the barely ambulatory, the live social end of the scene is remarkably diverse. The range of available play options is correspondingly expansive, encompassing everything from the so-called "littles" with their crayons and pinafores getting birthday paddlings, to the full blown floggings of totally nude submissives, with plenty of room in the middle for traditional home and school discipline, institutional discipline, clinical discipline, romantic spanking, erotic spanking, and of course, the all time favorite, spanking as sexual foreplay. 

You only live once and once you're into spanking, it  never goes away. Many have stepped through the looking glass of a hotel spanking weekend, few emerge at the other end unaffected by this often magical experience. And if there was ever any place to try your luck, it's at the Shadow Lane party in Vegas.


Visit our party pages to learn all the details. 


Personal Services:

I have a cane that causes some pain. Visiting Vegas? Email: or call for an appointment (702) 395-0783. My friend Miss Gretta Carlson is always available to join us. Dream sessions including Stephanie Locke and/or Clare Fonda may be arranged with enough advance notice.


We're smiling now, but we won't be when you're over my spanking bench before us. To plan a double session with Stephanie and me next time you're in Vegas, give us a great deal of advance notice and perhaps we can make this happen.  

To see Mistress Stephanie Locke in L.A., visit her at the legendary Dominion on Friday nights, or email: 



Clare Fonda (aka the infamous Jamie Foster) is under exclusive contract not to do spanking videos with any producers other than The Cameraman at the moment, so unfortunately, she and I do not seem fated to co-top in a Shadow Lane spanking video any time soon. But she visits me in Vegas every couple of months and would love to bring her spanking energy and imagination to a double session with me and a deservingly naughty one of you. Email me your projected arrival date in Vegas and I'll see if I can get her out to help me spank you. To see Clare Fonda for a session in L.A., visit her at The Sanctuary, (that neat spanking club right across from L.A.X.) where she visits about once a month. Or email her at:

Shadow Lane: featured title "Caught In A Lie" April 15 2014, 0 Comments

Recent Shadow Lane Productions

New April Release from Shadow Lane! 
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama


New April Release from Shadow Lane! 
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama

Caught in a lie!

A new spanking cum strapping drama starring 
Samantha Grace and Rifferous

After trying to prove how industrious she is with a noisy display of vacuuming and dusting while
her husband is trying to concentrate, Samantha is upended and spanked on the seat of her frilly
pink rhumba panties. Riff isn't buying her commitment to her chores and calls her out for faking it.
There's no faking her reactions to the impact of her 6'4" man's huge hand on her tender bottom.

Riff pulls Samantha's panties down for an unobstructed view of her already radiant
pink bottom.

Now the spanking begins in earnest. This isn't the first time Samantha has been over her
husband's lap, but it is one of the most memorable.

Stay at home girl brat Samantha tries to put one over on her husband, pretending she is doing all
the housework, but hiring a cleaning service instead. Of course she gets caught in the lie.

And then she gets caught in a second lie, pretending to cook dinner that has
been ordered from upscale take out. This merits a strapping.

Samantha is the cute, naughty, submissive housewife next door who is really into her dominant man.
This real life couple recreates the classic American 1950's suburban fantasy, which would not be
complete without domestic discipline.

Real couple, real spanking, really hot!

All new Shadowlane DVD "The Petite Protégée" is now for sale! March 24 2014, 0 Comments

Starring Snow Mercy and introducing Violet October, 

A strict, smart brunette amazon spanks, straps, paddles and enforces both nudity and traditional sorority discipline on a saucy blonde 21 year old girl brat!

Read More about this amazing new DVD 

Running time: 39 minutes.

BUY "The Petite Protégée" DVD TODAY!

Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane! December 5th, 2013 December 05 2013, 0 Comments

Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane!
December 5th, 2013


When Tony first thought up "The Buttplug That Saved Xmas"
concept, it seemed like a crazy dream that could never come true.
Then we realized that Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster, the notoriously
cute cougar who does such extraordinary things on clips4sale) was
coming to visit and that it was just the sort of challenge that she
couldn’t resist.



In the clip, Jamie receives the following invitation/order from

Dear Jamie,

This year Santa is asking all his 
little helpers to test drive all the 
sex toys going out to the naughty. 
You got the butt plug. Report back 
to Santa via explicit videogram 
no later than December 15th.




Of course, this kind of thing is embarrassing, no matter how
many times you do it in front of a camera.



As the peppermint striped glass dildo is deemed a workable
buttplug by Santa’s favorite helper in the area code 818, quality
control is effected to the highest standards, virtually guaranteeing
an abundance of enhanced anal orgasm for the holiday season.