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Eve Howard's Spanking Blog December 2016 December 12 2016, 9 Comments

Merry Christmas, Spanking Enthusiasts!

As this crazy year draws to an end, we are thankful for our wonderful models, nice customers and all the spanking fans who attend our parties year after year.

Take a page out of Venus Divine's holiday book and gift your naughty one with a good birching this holiday season! Seriously, spanking people, you can find these cinnamon scented "brooms" at arts and crafts stores, or even in your local supermarket's florist shop. They don't cost much and while they are ephemeral, they do double duty as a decorative and sweet smelling holiday favor, then as a classic instrument of correction. Never had or given a birching before? Try applying the birch with a fast, whippy motion, for an exciting, invigorating sensation. The harder you strike, the faster the birch will fly to pieces, but who cares? It's a thrilling way to experience corporal punishment and one everyone should try once, either giving or receiving.


Scenes from our December 2016 release

Lil' Hot Stuff

Elori Stix, is 4'9" and Snow Mercy is 5'11", which makes for a killer big girl tops small girl dynamic.

Just so damn cute! But with a 32F bosom, as womanly as any connoisseur of shapliness could wish. 24 year old Elori Stix is a well bred, well educated, articulate girl brat, who, never the less, fails to get around Snow Mercy. Follow her on Twitter @Elori_Stix

The infinitely fascinating Snow Mercy becomes more interesting every year. Can anyone behold this elegant beauty and doubt that she is in complete control? Shadow Lane owes a debt of thanks to Snow for introducing us to a series of fabulous models, which tradition she continued, in bringing us darling Elori Stix this holiday season. Follow her on Twitter @SnowMercy


Elori plays a clever grad student who makes big bucks selling term papers to her lazy classmates. But her mentor and senior Lambda Sigma Zeta sorority sister, Snow, feels it her duty to correct this tendency towards dishonesty and exploitation, in the time honored Lamda Sigma Zeta manner.


The spanking unfolds in traditional style, first on the pantyhose, then on the panties, and at last, on bare skin.


Elori's perfect bottom, presented for punishment.

Snow's spanking bench serves as the proper pedestal upon which to mount the second portion of Elori's disciplinary session. First, a hair brush is liberally employed in smartening up Miss Smarty Pants.

A long leather strap keeps the coloration in Elori's beautifully rounded bottom an even and deepening pink.

A through whacking with a wide, heavy strap drives the lesson home.

Note the evenness of the coloration spread by the wide strap across Elori's smooth and voluptuous rear.

And to finish, a fabulous caning!

Not twelve strokes, not twenty-four strokes, but thirty-six cane strokes are strictly administered by Snow, to naughty Elori, at the conclusion of Lil' Hot Stuff, available now from Shadow Lane. Purchase DVD here.


"Lambda Sigma Zeta for ever!"


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
With Eve Howard

Let's face it, men, a spanking isn't something you can easily get from any woman you date, romance or even marry. Most ladies never think of spanking men and the rest are seldom interested in this, your dearest and longest cherished fantasy. You can't really blame them, but that doesn't stop your longing to go over the knee of a competent female disciplinarian. That's where a professional comes in, particular if it's a woman with a great reputation in the scene and a huge catalog of spanking entertainment behind her to prove that she understands every part of this fetish and how to put it into action. So the next time you're in Vegas, treat yourself to one of the most enjoyable bits of R&R a spanking enthusiast can indulge in, an over the knee spanking session with me, Eve Howard. Email: with a short history of your experiences in the scene and what you are looking for in a session and I'll tell you how we can make that happen together. It's easier than you think to get the spanking you want and deserve next time you're way out west. You can also reach me at the Shadow Lane office number: 702-395-0783 and talk with me directly about the details of booking a session. Looking forward to making some of your holidays even more rosy!


Happy Holidays from Violet October, Venus Divine, Layla Savage and Tony, Eve and Butch from Shadow Lane!



Eve Howard's Spanking Blog II October 2016 October 30 2016, 8 Comments

Our Swedish correspondent, Johnny 75, has given us the gift of
spanking art for Halloween!


Scenes from my new video, Seat of His Pants,
starring Slave Fluffy and me!

Fluffy plays my teaching assistant who has been caught sexting with our students.

Mike is a petite and adorable young man of 32, submissive to a fault and possessed of an excellent tolerance for strapping and paddling. He was introduced to Shadow Lane a few months back, when he co-starred with Snow Mercy in Houseboy Blues.

"Look what happened to Weiner!" I admonish my unprofessional employee, with the help of a heavy wooden paddle across his defenseless bottom. This traditional corporal punishment video will be available next week!


Who Else Needs a Paddling today?

Planning to visit Las Vegas? That spanking scene you've been thinking about for so many years awaits you here! Tell me about your fantasies and I'll let you know if I can help make them come true. Specializing in over the knee spanking, bend over paddling and strapping, caning and role play. And if you'd like to submit to two strict teachers, aunties or ladies next door at the same time, I can easily have my good friend Gretta Carlson visit with her own collection of paddles, brushes and straps!
Write me: for more information. Or call me at 702-395-0783

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog October 2016 October 02 2016, 1 Comment

They heard there were spanking parties
And wondered - was it true?
Because that thing called spanking
Was the thing they most wanted to do

They dreaded attending a party
Despairing of being too shy
Of being too big, of being too small
Of being a single guy

They continued to read about parties
Until they could stand it no more
They longed to experience spanking
And really go hardcore

They started to make appointments
With penpals not yet met
They also made arrangements
To a spanking, give or get

Booking a room for the party
Their excitement continued to grow
Choosing their outfits, packing their bags
They couldn't wait to go

The first few spanking parties
Not many women were there
This was the era of personal ads
VHS, magazines, public hair

The rooms were very modest
The suites weren't very large
But how fondly we remember
Our beloved Sportsman's Lodge

It had a tiki bar, gliding swans and
an English pub
And once a year became L.A.'s
Premiere spanking club

Through Cosmo ads more women
soon discovered Shadow Lane
They realized they were not alone
They realized they were sane

And they became determined
To breech the Scene and play
To reinvent themselves as debutantes
Who'd gone astray

Of course the spanking parties
Attracted ladies fair
Who weren't even shy
Of getting spanked upon the bare

The years flew by, the parties grew
Too big for our L.A. hotel
We migrated to hot Palm Springs
Where they soon would know us well

The Riveria had a parrot
and a pair of pools
It also had a Tiki bar
And a ballroom with no rules

In the heat of Coachella
Inhibitions disappear
Some got such a taste for play
They planned a new career

Many spanking parties popped up
All across the land
From coast to coast there now were ways
For bottoms to get tanned

Friendships and relationships
Had already started to form
Suddenly a social life in the Scene
Became the norm

With the internet, our numbers
increased exponentially
Spanking people reaching out
Across the land and sea

We traded warmth for sizzling heat
When we to Vegas moved
And when it came to parties
The hotel space improved

Our dear sweet little Stardust
Had a taste of Vegas old
And what is more, upon their stage
We got bare bottomed bold

But it fell to the wrecking ball
And to Suncoast we went
It has the biggest suites of all
And understands our bent

So every Labor Day
We fill at least two floors
And one can hear crisp spanking sounds
From behind all the doors

Every year sees shining newbies
Mixed with veterans
Various agendas
But all spanking citizens

Some of you we have known for
twenty-five years in all
Some of you will only be
twenty-five this fall!

But no matter how old or how
young we may be
We all speak the language of
Over the knee

It's something that binds us together
It gives us an identity
We share a common culture
A humor, a mentality

When you go to a spanking party
You've decided to commit
You've owned your private fetish
And pledged to follow it

We thank you all for trusting us
For all these many years
For coming out and joining us
Despite your doubts and fears

We love your friendly faces
Your wit and sense of fun
The spanking scene is built
Upon your enthusiasm

So always block out Labor Day
To indulge in your most secret pleasure
The world needn't know your secret
Nor how you spend your leisure

Our gratitude to all our guests
And kind suite party hosts
For all your dear well wishes
And all the lovely toasts

And now all that is left to say is
Happy Halloween
Stay well and we will see you
All in twenty-seventeen!


It really was a great party. Shadow Lane hostess Samantha snapped this photo of Butch and me right after a lovely tribute to 25 years of Shadow Lane parties, hosted by Tom and visited via Skype, by the London Tanner, in Spain, who said some very kind words about us and also presented a eulogy for a dearly departed long time scene friend, Tony (the English fellow who was The London Tanner's co-founder of the Florida Moonshine group). Tony was not only at the first Shadow Lane party, but I do believe that we met him at the first spanking party I ever went to, in Connecticut, in the late 1980's. This was the party that actually inspired us to host a large event for our customers and any other spanking fans who happened to hear about it.


Tom and Nan from Maine, have been coming to the parties for 23 years. As you can see, they never have and never will lose their sense of mischief and play.


Vivian Sweet first showed up at a Palm Springs party over 15 years ago. I don't think she's missed a party since.


Vivian met Jerry at a Shadow Lane party ten years ago. Over Labor Day they got engaged!



A great many models attended the party, including brunette bombshell Snow Mercy. Snow has been visiting Shadow Lane regularly lately and enhancing our video library with her uniquely adorable toppiness.




Harley Havik of The Sanctuary, one of L.A.'s premiere spanking clubs, across from LAX. She will be visiting Shadow Lane to shoot with us in the near future.

We had a very large turnout for this party, reminding us of the old days, before the economy crashed. And we had a huge amount of help and support from the many other suite party hosts who generously offered their time, room space and energy to encourage play and socializing all weekend long.

The tribute lunch we received from Tom and our many, many once a year scene friends, was so touching! It felt good to feel appreciated and have our work over these many years and many changes acknowledged. Later Dr. Lectr organized a beautiful cake, commemorating our silver anniversary of throwing parties.

Some of the suite parties which were open to all, included Harry Michaels' spanking trivia game suite and the Bad Boys session, which he always hosts. Harry deserves a lot of credit for recruiting enthusiastic female volunteer spankers in advance and making sure there are a goodly number of us there to dispense spankings to any bad boys who show up and bend over. He has done this year after year, nurturing a largely neglected group, male subs and switches who very seldom get spanked. Harry has also generously paid for many financially stressed friends in the scene to attend our parties year after year, which was particularly heroic, in the days of our expensive catered ballroom. Thanks, Harry, with whom I am personally celebrating thirty years of friendship.

Tom not only hosted our tribute party, but also allowed the Spanking Court to be staged in his sprawling suite. He deserves a tribute party of his own for all of the generous hospitality he has gifted the party scene with over the years. He too has helped people come to parties, on top of opening his suite to after hours fun. He's been with us so long I think of him as a sort of unofficial godfather of the scene.

Heading up the younger generation of party hosts is Dr. Lectr, whose suite is legendary for staying open virtually all the time, or at the very least until the sun comes up! Dr. Lectr had the big suite at the other end of our floor and kindly allowed every guest to partake of his hospitality at will. All sorts of spanking spectacles go on in Lectr's suite, including Judicial style (severe) punishments, Club Finn (sensual spanking and massage, coordinated by Fineous), and a Vendor Fair, as well as discipline extravaganzas, involving circles of multiple cute spankees at once, straddling their spankers' laps, in wheelbarrow formation. You kind of have to see it to believe it. Nothing like that ever pops up in any TV or Hollywood movie version of a bdsm orgy, which are usually solemn and dull. Also, a bunch of Lectr's crew wore silver t-shirts in honor of our silver anniversary theme, which were very cute on those boys.

Speaking of silver apparel, thank you lovely ladies and gentlemen for shining with beauty for the party. You all looked marvellous. (For reasons of privacy and anonymity, most SL party guests are relatively camera shy, which is why most of the photos that pop up on blogs about parties feature professional models, producers and players. A special thanks to the rare civilians who give in and pose for photo now and then.)

Many thanks to Colodom and spank4fun, for once again hosting the Newbies suite, which for years has provided a safe, sane, first introduction to the party scene for newcomers.

Tammyspk organized a side cocktail party in the swimming pool that drew eighty guests! Merlin and The Bad One hosted a Uniform suite. There were also Superhero and Littles themed suites, as well a Comicon/Cosplay suite, hosted by Dark Steven, Tasha Hastings, Jaibug, Piper and JC

There were quite a few models and videographers at the party and we took advantage of them being in town for the event to pull one of our favorite tops out of retirement. Not only did Brian Tarsis co-star in our new video with the lovely Ten, but he helped us host the entire party.

Here are some photos from the Tarsis spanks Ten shoot, Pouty in Pink, a late September 2016 release:


Ten has a great reason to throw a tantrum. While on vacation, Brian has shipped her phone and tablet back home, so that for once, he can have her undivided attention. But can you imagine anyone doing that to you? Ten is floored.


Face slap!!!



Ten displays her legs and bottom in sheer pantyhose over her black bikinis.


6'2" Brian has a huge hand.

Ten is mad. This is so unfair. No way will she ever give in and just let this thing go.


Thus one of the most perfect bottoms in spankingland is once again bared for strict discipline.


The first spanking didn't take. Ten went ahead and had a new phone special delivered to their suite, at great expense. Because she's a spoiled brat.


This time Brian is serious about getting his husbandly message across.


Ten's pretty lingerie comes off and Brian's strap comes out.


The way to get a young lady's undivided attention.



A large wooden paddle is employed and Ten reacts accordingly. She reacts to all the discipline as a sensitive girl might, but more to this implement than all the rest. The impact of wood cannot be ignored or downplayed.


A highly explicit view of Ten's embarrassing and painful ordeal.


Aw! Time to kiss and make up. The video is Pouty in Pink and it's Brian Tarsis' first in over a dozen years. The adorable Ten, with a slender new look, but sexier than ever, lights up this title with her delicate beauty, shy charm and lively reactions. This is very much a couples' video, but specifically for couples in the scene. With the esoteric bondage, strapping and paddling, it might seem a bit severe for the sensual set. Here the sensuality comes from the beauty of Ten, but the action is purely disciplinary. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it.

DVD available here: Pouty in Pink


Spanking Sessions in Vegas
with Eve Howard

Picture yourself in Madison's place, over my knee and receiving a traditional spanking! Of course, it may be painful, but that's all part of the ride. Whether you are an experienced sub who knows exactly what you want and how you want it, or a complete beginner, in search of spanking sensations and unsure of your own limits, I can facilitate your fantasies. I have a lifetime of experience spanking the naughty, so don't hesitate to put yourself in my hands. Just write me for my requirements before your next trip to Vegas, tell me all about your spanking needs and desires, your experiences and/or lack of same, and what your specific expectations might be. I can accommodate most fantasies and greatly enjoy role playing. A few days notice is recommended, a few weeks are even better. Email: or call 702-395-0783 to speak to me during business hours. Looking forward to meeting you!

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - August 2016 August 13 2016, 1 Comment


The month is flying by and we're getting ready for our big Silver Anniversary Labor Day party at The Suncoast. Group rates are closed, but rooms are still available at regular rates, as of this writing, so call today if you haven't booked yet! Call 866-816-7111 or 702-636-7050 to reserve your rooms today. Say you're with the Shadow Lane group so you can be placed on our floors, if possible. For reference, the group code is: A6SLC09

In most cases, we are not mailing buttons ahead of the party this year, because some people tend lose or forget them. If you haven't yet purchased a ticket, you can order one from our shopping cart now:


Or you can purchase your ticket at the party, in cash. See me, Tony or Butch in our suite when you arrive. If you've already ordered your ticket or tickets, we will have you on a master list and will give your buttons when you arrive at the party. The buttons are cute and you can pick one with your orientation (sub, top, switch or choose a generic Shadow Lane icon button). Keep the button on you or with you throughout the weekend, for admission to our suite and the suites of other guests who are also hosting suite parties.

Featured Production: The Spanking Girl
A late August 2016 release

My handsome cast!

Starring Nikki Rouge, Violet October
And Arthur Sire
Domestic Discipline with a Twist of Perversity

Spanking, strapping, paddling, butt plug, bondage, witness to punishment, as a clever wife presents her dominant husband with a proxy spankee to paddle!

Channeling I Love Lucy, the endlessly inventive Nikki Rouge, conceives an idea to avoid discipline from her dominant husband, Arthur Sire, by enlisting her favorite protégée, Violet October, as a "spanking girl" to take her punishments for her. It's paddling, strapping, a butt plug and bondage for tiny blonde sex kitten Violet, a delicate beauty whose pain tolerance is commensurate with her naughtiness! A rollicking finale where Nikki is spanked at last, completes this adorable situation spanking comedy. Delightful dialog, hard spanking, explicit insertion, affection and irrepressible perversity, hallmark this true Shadow Lane classic!


I love shooting with retro girls like Nikki and Violet. They "get" Shadow Lane and eagerly transport themselves back in time and culture to play Shadow Lane style wives. Did wives really get spanked in the fifties? Possibly, but not ritualistically, more in the manner of "horsing around" or "slap and a tickle" flirtation or something to do on a date in the back seat of a convertible or even as bedroom foreplay.

Spanking hasn't changed, only the attitude towards it. But we have always tended towards the old way of creating a spanking, as if it were the only logical solution to any problem, as it always is, in fantasies.


In our little universe, Violet is already Nikki's submissive, her ready and willing playmate and go to girl for naughtiness. You have seen little Violet, being clinically disciplined by Dr. Nikki, and taught lessons by Mistress Nikki, the life coach. In this case, she is Nikki's surrogate for a hard spanking and some very invasive butt plug bondage.

Nikki was born to play this role. She's just extremely comfortable having someone else bare their bottoms to take the spanking, paddling and strapping she herself has earned. She loves the idea of a surrogate spankee and gets completely involved in directing the play, as her husband accepts the gift of the exquisite, pale blonde girl, to punish as he chooses.

Nikki finds she likes witnessing the punishment so much, that she decides to confess to all recent acts of domestic rebellion or disobedience, so that Violet may receive an even more interesting form of discipline, i.e., rope tied to a spanking bench and plugged in her tight, tiny bottom before additional corporal punishment. (Not shown... yet!)

It is my job, on camera, to capture the face shot of the submissive. Violet's ever-changing expressions, of pleasure, pain, disbelief, mischief and satire, are such a joy to film. Her face is beguiling, but her intelligence, good manners and wit complete the picture. She is truly an imp of the perverse.


By the way, Butch always works the camera that gets the butt shot and Tony runs the wide shot camera throughout and supervises all the cameras using a three screen monitor system, so no one winds up duplicating the other person's shot.

Arthur finally spanks and paddles the truth out of the small submissive, as to why she is really taking Nikki's punishment for her so willingly that day. Suffice to say, Violet blurts out as much truth, at last, to make sure that Nikki will indeed be spanked.


 Nikki is all protests and indignation as her husband pulls her across his lap and begins to smartly belabor her voluptuous bottom with his very hard hand, then a leather paddle. With her tiny, shapely, fully nude, creamy body on display, rosy nipples erect the whole time, Violet watches with glee as Arthur bares Nikki's beautiful bottom, spanks her on the pantyhose, bikini's and then, stunning bare backside.


 This is a contrast in feminine beauty, with the wisp of a nymph, Violet, 95 pounds of perfectly proportioned, petite pulchritude, counterbalanced by statuesque redheaded Nikki, graceful and divinely leggy in 6" pumps and a skintight sheath dress. I love these ladies! So did Arthur. Because another thing that's great about Nikki and Violet, you can really spank them. They take it hard. You don't have to worry. They are not worried. It makes all the difference.


Over the years many viewers have told us they like our videos because they are like being with friends. This is one of those titles. Of course the spankings in it are very hard indeed, you can see how red the girls got, but it's flirtatious too. Something can be a turn on but can also make you smile!


Christine Justice 1962-2016

Our friend since 1986 and model since the early 1990's, dominant extraordinaire, Christine Justice, passed away in her sleep on Monday night, August 1st. She had been suffering from MS for many years. I first met Chris at Stephanie Locke's Private Quarters club, on the night Tony brought me to meet and play with Stephanie for the first time. Chris was working there. I spoke with her while waiting for Stephanie to conclude a session. For the next year we were co-workers and partied together incessantly. The very first triple top spanking session I engaged in, included both Chris and Kiri Kelly, as we all went out to spank a naughty man together.

 That same year, Chris accompanied me to NuWest, where we shot a video together. Ed Lee liked her look and style and went on to feature her as a Leda Lady. From the very inception of our company, Chris came to Shadow Lane and topped for us, starring in The Fem Dom Club, Women Who Spank Men Volume One, Domestic Discipline and Justice for One.

 Chris often attended Shadow Lane parties and remained very close friends with Arthur Sire, who has starred in many Shadow Lane productions since the 1990's. Arthur spoke with Chris for several hours on the night she died. He was probably the last person to ever speak to her.

Chris was a law unto herself, a bit of a pirate, a strong woman who lived by her own rules and practiced self-reliance her entire life. I don't believe she was ever married, she had no children, but she always loved animals and rescued many a creature in her time, to nurture them as children. Chris was tough and uncompromising, but she had a keenly irreverent sense of humor and loved having fun and raising hell. There will certainly never be another like her.

Here are some photos of Christine Justice at Shadow Lane.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog July 2016 July 13 2016, 1 Comment

Eve's Spanking Blog
July 2016

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

The subject of this blog will mainly be Snow in July, in Vegas. But first, a reminder that it's time to book your rooms for the Shadow Lane Labor Day Silver Anniversary Party! Festivities begin on Thursday September 1, 2016 and kick off our party weekend, which continues through Sunday Sept 4th. Buy your ticket or tickets by clicking here: ORDER TICKETS

or call us to order by phone (702) 395-0783

or, bring cash to the door.

The deadline for booking a room with our group is July 31, 2016 and the hotel always sells out that weekend, so don't hesitate to book asap. Click on the link below to go directly to the hotel reservations website and if prompted, enter the group code of: A6SLC09


Because we no longer have to arrange catering for an expensive ballroom meal, we can offer this four day spanking cocktail party at the super affordable price of forty dollars per person. This covers soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee drinks, all manner of alcoholic refreshments, lots of sweet and salty and snacks and of course, socializing, spanking-style. Spanking is encouraged in our suite.

Other guests will also host suite parties that weekend and encourage more spanking. In addition to our evening soirees, there will be a Bad Boys Suite on Saturday afternoon, open to all ticket holders and other yet to be scheduled events, such as Spanking Court.

Many people enjoy taking a few hours off from spanking here and there to take in some Vegas sites and activities. Others never leave the hotel premises. This is our 25th year of hosting parties, hence our Silver Anniversary.

Looking forward to seeing all our old friends and meeting many new ones soon!


Snow Mercy tames the Southwest, one naughty bottom at a time.

Snow Mercy and Layla Savage co-star in, Correct Her If She's Wrong, a domestic discipline drama, featuring hard spanking, vigorous paddling, and to finish, a strict, twelve stroke caning.

The video gets off to a traditional start, as Snow begins to teach a disobedient houseguest that her will is not to be flouted.

White panty fans, take note! Panythose fans too.

Lots of over the knee spanking!

The results of the twelve stroke caning.

Post-punishment embarrassment. And Snow Mercy in a stunning corset, black hose and stiletto heel ensemble.


Scenes from Houseboy Blues, our newest male submissive, female dominant video, starring Snow Mercy and introducing Slave Fluffy!

What could be more appropriate to discipline a submissive young man than a traditional, over the knee spanking on the bottom, with his jeans and boxers tugged down.


I'm pretty sure that of the thousands of bad boys currently viewing this photo, most would willingly take the place of houseboy Mike across Snow's lap.


A wide razor strop on a handle spreads the heat across houseboy Mike's round, compact bottom nicely.


But it is the power of wood that really gets the hapless lad's attention.


Snow always keeps her own custom wooden spoon on hand, to strike a traditional cord.


The ending caning is quickly becoming Snow signature finale statement. In this case, the count was twenty-four sharp strokes.



"Thank you, Mistress."

Thus ends our first production featuring a cute and sweet new male submissive, oddly named Slave Fluffy - because there's nothing soft or wussy about the way this boy can take corporal punishment! We plan to invite this very nice lad back to our studios many time, so that all of our top ladies can try their hand at reddening his muscular bottom. We loved his attitude and his petite body was excellent for all positions, especially over the knee. Snow was charmed as well, but it didn't prevent her from giving him a licking he'll remember for the rest of his life.



Have you seen our newest magazine,
Female Spanks Female Photoplay?

We've already had to reorder three times! People are loving it.

This new, all color magazine features a bottom-centric cavalcade of charming girls and ladies going over the laps of dominant women. Poignant paddlings, stringent strappings and over the knee spankings galore comprise this exquisite photographic collection from the vaults of Shadow Lane. Includes ten separate girl-spanks-girl photo spreads. All photos hand picked and captioned by Eve Howard, author of the Shadow Lane novels and director of Shadow Lane's video arm. Also features vintage Tarsis spanking art, which has long set the standard of beauty and taste in erotic illustrations. 63 pages. $21.95 ORDER MAGAZINE


And did you know that now you can order any product
in the Shadow Lane store and check out by Amazon?

 In addition to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.



Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve Howard

Still thinking about that over the knee spanking you'd like to receive? Coming to Vegas soon? Customizing a spanking session is easier than you think. I'm a mature disciplinarian with many years of hands on spanking experience and have been into spanking my entire life. You've seen my videos and know I understand every aspect of this exciting pastime/hobby/obsession that we share.

I do love traditional role play scenes, where I am someone's teacher, aunt, mother or dominant wife. If you want to be scolded and subjected to ritualistic embarrassment, that can easily be supplied along with your spanking; but if you just choose to float in sub space while you receive a long, slow build up and then a sustained assault on your main erogenous zone, that is just as legitimate a way in which to enjoy your own, personal corporal punishment scene. Some people simply like to chat while getting spanked. It takes all kinds to make a spanking scene and I'm very flexible.

If you plan to query me, please share with me some of your history in spanking, your experiences, and of course your specific expectations. For my requirements, write me at: or text your message to me at:

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog April 2016 April 26 2016, 3 Comments

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

Announcing a new spanking magazine from Shadow Lane

We should have this delightful new all-girl spanking pictorial magazine in stock by early June. We will send out an emailing when it's ready to order. I've already started working on the second issue, and encourage contributors to send me interesting stories, memoirs or anecdotes relating to females spanking females. You may also submit your personal female spanks female fantasies and if they are charming, I will include some of them in the next issue.

The first issue also includes some lovely spanking, enema and anal plug photos featuring Violet October being affectionately dominated by Nikki Rouge. I left that off the cover description so as to appear minimally naughty when the magazines gets sold on Amazon. I would also note that there is no wasted space in this issue. I crammed spanking photos or art into it from cover to cover, even on the indicia and contents pages, though for some technical printing reason, my publisher requires blank inside covers. This also features some lovely vintage Tarsis spanking art, including the full page nude beach spanking illustration he did many years ago for our magazines Stand Corrected Jr. In all, this issue is a collector's item. Hope you enjoy it and write to me with feedback, as I would love to include a letters to the editor department in the next issue. My email is, as always,

Shadow Lane Labor Day Party 2016


Come celebrate twenty-five years of Shadow Lane parties

your composite graphic from the first party goes here

Sept. 1, 2016- September 5, 2016 in Vegas!

Suncoast Hotel and Casino Resort
9090 Alta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Tickets are $40 per person.

This admits you to our cocktail party and spanking mixer all four nights!

All sorts of hard and soft drinks and snacks provided each night.

Playing encouraged in the party suite. Too early to list all the various events and suite parties (such as Bad Boys Suite, Spanking Court, etc.) that will take place that weekend, but the Shadow Lane suite party schedule is as follows:

Thursday (9/1/16) 8 pm to Midnight

Friday (9/2/16) and Saturday (9/3/16) 9 pm to 2 am

Sunday (9/4/16) 8 pm to Midnight

Auxillary Events scheduled so far

Saturday 2 - 4pm Bad Boys Suite hosted by Harry M.

Party attire and protocol:  Casual to Dressed Up appropriate every night.

Fetish wear (super short skirts, uniforms, leather, latex, etc.) welcome in our suite, but please be discreet when going down to the casino, so as not to attract undue attention to our group.

By the same token, please don't engage in obvious spanktalk in elevators, pool areas or anywhere in the hotel other than our suites and your own rooms. Keep doors to suites and rooms closed. No playing in the halls. No signage on rooms, per requests of the hotel. We will have a board in our suite to post other suite parties and events throughout the weekend. Closer to the party, we will also have a phone app that guests with smart phones can refer to.

Please do not invite other hotel guests or employees to "check out" our party. Only Shadow Lane ticket holders are welcome in our private suite.

Everyone who buys a ticket or tickets in advance will receive an official Shadow Lane party button that will serve as their admission ticket. Or you can pick up your buttons when you get there. Let us know your preference when ordering. Also, if you want a button with a "top", "sub" or "switch" orientation, let us know which when ordering. We will also offer a generic Shadow Lane button. Buttons will be available later in the spring.

Cut off date for guaranteed room reservations at the group rates is Aug. 1, 2016. But group rates start for the party on Aug. 31st, the Thursday. And the party officially starts on Thursday night and goes through Sunday.

Group Rates for the party week


Sunday through Thursday $59; Friday and Saturday $112 for regular rooms

Sunday through Thursday $74; Friday and Saturday $127 golf view rooms

Sunday through Thursday $205, Friday and Saturday $265 1 bedroom executive suite

Sunday through Thursday $280, Friday and Saturday $330 2 bedroom Mediterranean suite

Sunday through Thursday $425, Friday and Saturday $490 1 bedroom Tuscany suite 

Hotel has a mandatory $15.99 plus tax (currently at 12%) per room, per day Resort Fee which is in addition to room and tax charges. Benefits include access to the 24-hour fitness center, Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, self-parking, single serve coffee brewers, in-room safe, in-room refrigerator, scheduled airport shuttle service (reservations required), unlimited toll free and local telephone calls, wake up service and paging.

Prior to cut-off date, individuals are encouraged to book their reservations on-line. To receive your special group rate members will need to enter the assigned Reservation ID: A6SLC09 through the Hotel’s website at

Prior to cut-off date, individuals may also call Hotel’s Room Reservations Department direct at 866-636-7111 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. and identify themselves as members of a group or convention with Reservation ID: A6SLC09.

If you have any questions call us at 702 395 0783 or text us to that number. Or, email me:




Speaking of parties, if you live in Texas, check out these links to upcoming parties there this summer.




Very Sad News

Our darling model Amber Rayne died in her sleep this month, at age 31. She had been battling cancer for years and did succumb to lymphoma. She was a beautiful human being, a complete original and shining star. There are porn stars who dabble in BDSM, but Amber was truly one of us. We are very lucky to have worked with her and will always remember that shoot day with joy.


Have you heard about Different Loving Too?

22 years ago, Gloria Brame complied a well researched encyclopedia of kink, analyzing each major fetish and then sharing in depth interviews with the practitioners. Many of our customers who found spanking fun through our personal ads and merrily attend our parties, first discovered Shadow Lane in the first incarnation of Different Loving. In the current collection, many of the interviewees from the original book are revisited, to find out how they have fared in the scene the last two decades. This makes for fascinating reading. Ever wonder what happened to Kiri Kelly? Read her interview!

Book available here:  DIFFERENT LOVING TOO



Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas
with Eve Howard

As you can see, I know how to redden a bottom in classic style. So if you're planning a visit to Vegas, and long to feel the unique stimulation of a traditional spanking, administered across a lady's lap, with hand, hairbrush, paddle or strap, don't hesitate to query me. I am happy to deliver a severe correction, a jolly good medium level spanking or even milder discipline to a beginner or low pain tolerance spankee. Cross dressers also understood and more than welcome to sample my spanking style.

My little Violet October is my neighbor girl and may be called upon to join us in our session, with sufficient notice. She is Shadow Lane's new superstar and even more charming in person than she is in photos.

Write me with your schedule, your most long cherished spanking desires, a bit about yourself, your spanking history and if you have seen spanking ladies before. I can be available with a few days notice, in most cases, though I do prefer to schedule as far in advance as possible. Write: or call/text me @ 702-395-0783 for my requirements.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog March 2016 March 21 2016, 0 Comments

It's never too early to start planning what to wear to your next spanking party! For our next event: think silver!

Spring kicks off the spanking party season. There have already been several spanking parties on either coast; and there are more to come between now and our annual Labor Day party weekend. Spanking parties provide a style of rarified fun most often likened to the thrills enjoyed by that famous kid in the candy store.

To find out if there is an upcoming spanking party in your part of the country, join the free website and start doing searches on the words "spanking party" and your home state. Various groups have spanking parties in Chicago, Florida, Colorado, Tucson, Atlantic City, The Poconos, New York City, Southern California, Las Vegas and Texas. Some of these events draw hundreds of attendees, all into spanking, of course.

2016 will be our Silver Anniversary of hosting spanking parties. We've been doing this for 25 years and our guests include people who were around for that very first party and people who were conceived at the time of that first party!

Start planning for your Labor Day weekend in Vegas now! You'll find flights to Las Vegas plentiful. You'll like the low summer rates at our party hotel. We always occupy several floors to ourselves, so noise from spanking is not a problem. Imagine how relaxed you can feel about being into spanking, maybe for the first time in your life, as you notice that everyone around you is also an enthusiast. More details to come about room rates and cut off dates, but start circling your calendar now. September 1st is an easy date to remember, that's the Thursday kick off of the party weekend. And remember, Labor Day is Monday the 5th. Most people have a holiday from work, so why not stay through Sunday and enjoy a full four party nights, for the same low ticket price as we introduced last year.

At an exciting spanking party a few weeks ago with endlessly creative party host and scene booster extraordinaire Dr. Lectr.

Snow Mercy was at the party and she agreed to return to Shadow Lane this spring and shoot a delighful new fem dom video with us where a boy will get spanked for a change. This will be our first video shot in high definition.

One of our reigning spanking divas, Sarah Gregory (right) introduced me to the tall and leggy Maddy (left), who will be working with us the next time she's in Las Vegas.

Ralph Marvel and Erica Scott started their video careers with Shadow Lane, then went on to work with many studios. They never miss a party!


It wouldn't be a party without my girlfriend Vivian Sweet!

Remember everyone, Labor Day Weekend is Shadow Lane's
Silver Anniversary party! Come shine at this event.



Scenes from our new video Top to BOTTOM

I can barely contain my joy in presenting one of the most thrill packed videos we have ever shot. Top to BOTTOM is the ultimate bottom lover's delight. It has girl spanks girl, boy spanks girl, double discipline, paddling, witness to punishment, temperature taking, enema, butt plug, hard caning, nipple tweak, marks, real tears. This video rivals "Spanking Girl's Back Door Man" for hard spanking plus anal action, and it has a beautiful cast.

I have always enjoyed clinical fantasies, but only if aesthetically pleasing. I remember seeing my first enema erotica in the late 70's, when I worked for a large distributor of adult magazines that handled publications from HOM (House of Milan), some of which had to do with spanking, bondage and other fetishes. For me, the few enema magazines, were just awful, with incredibly unattractive male administrators (remember 70's hair styles and clothes for men?), ugly settings and cute female models in horrible wigs. Of course, the explicit photos were fascinating too, but the overall feel of porn in the late 70's, including fetish porn, was distasteful and altogether off putting, at least to a moderately refined female viewer. How can one be thrilled if repulsed?

This is more of what I would have loved seeing: a beautiful nurse in a classic nurse's uniform, with long, luxurious dark hair, stunning legs in nylon hose and high heels, with an exact knowledge of how to hold a girl while spanking  her. The spankee is a charming younger girl, with lovely long, straight blonde hair and an adorable figure, nicely dressed, with stockings and a garter belt, pristine white panties, cute shoes, and a curvy, creamy white, small bottom that turns pink fast. I like the idea of a witness, a well groomed, strict male, observing the scene as well.

Temperature taking is a huge turn on for anal spanking enthusiasts.
Especially when executed properly. Violet's expression of outraged
brat is perfect. So is her bottom and pussy, which Sarah exposes
nicely. Expose, inspect, penetrate, in the face down position, if possible,
to hit every hot button on the anal menu.

Violet has been to the clinic before but her favorite therapist, Ms. Rouge, is on vacation, therefore, grumpy Violet submits to the new nurse, with a very bad attitude.

Nurse Gregory escorts Violet out.

After her embarrassing treatment, Violet is still a brat! Her
impertinence earns her a severe caning.


Mr. Osborne is displeased with Ms. Gregory's zeal for administering inappropriately harsh punishments at the clinic and accuses her of unprofessional behavior. Then he turns her over his knee and spanks her. The nurse has a luscious, perfect bottom that turns the most delicious shade of red almost instantly under Mr. Osborne's hand.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Osborne and Nurse Gregory, the naughty, voyeuristic Violet has crept back into the room to witness and relish Nurse Gregory's punishment spanking over her supervisor's lap. And once again, the hunted becomes the hunter!

As soon as Violet is discovered, she has her bottom bared afresh and is placed on her knees, alongside Nurse Gregory, for a stern paddling from Mr. Osborne.  Excited and turned on by how the afternoon is going, Violet demands that Mr. Osborne submit Nurse Gregory to the same sort of humiliation she herself was forced to endure. Mr. Osborne cannot but agree that this suggestion is only fair, and produces a small buttplug, which he then inserts into Nurse Gregory's tight bottom, for the duration of her punishment, which ends in real tears for the embarrassed nurse. Violet gladly accepts more corporal punishment, in exchange for the thrill of seeing Nurse Gregory brought down off her high horse, to Violet's level.  Both girls end up with hot, well spanked bottoms and of course, something to write about in their diaries that night.


Classic Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas

Haven't you gone long enough without being spanked? Aren't you getting tired of just thinking about it? You know that you're longing to go over a lady's lap. It can happen the next time you're in Las Vegas. Just email me with the particulars of the scene you have in mind, and I'll tell you how we can make it happen. I love to role play as Mommie, Auntie, Boss Lady, Demanding Wife or Diet and Exercise Advisor. Experienced with hairbrush, paddle, strap and cane.

Beginners can feel safe, as I respect all limits and encourage you to tell me as much as you can about the kind of spanking you are looking for, in advance. Email: or call/text me on the office line 702-395-0783 and we can make a date.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog, February 2016 February 05 2016, 0 Comments

Greetings, Spanking Enthusiasts!

Meet the two delightful stars of our latest production, Roomates' Punishment Pact. You may remember Jewell Marceau, who starred as the damsel in distress, in one of our most popular woman spanks girl videos ever, Disciplinarian Librarian. I can hardly believe it's been eight years since we worked with this beautiful, switchable fetish goddess. Blonde dynamite Whitney Morgan is new to Shadow Lane and we fell instantly in love with this crazy, fun chick. She hails from Florida, is a true fetish princess, and has a large following in spanking community all over the world. She's appeared in numerous spanking videos and loves to attend spanking parties. Whitney is the real deal, the bossy playmate from all of our childhoods, who organized the spanking games and threw the best tantrums. In this photo she also seems to be channeling a young Christine Justice. Do you see it?

In this scenario, Jewell and Whitney make a pact not to take back the useless boyfriends they just broke up with. Spanking is designated the penalty for breaking the pact, and Whitney is the first to weaken. Notice the Betty and Veronica thing going on down to the ponytail?

Incensed at Whitney for breaking the pact, Jewell storms in and ruthlessly knocks down Whitney's intricate dominos set up before pulling the hapless blonde across her lap.

Jewell makes Whitney strip nude for the hairbrush spanking she has earned.

And yet, before the day is out, Jewell is also proven to to have taken her own slacker boyfriend back, in spite of the mutual punishment pact! Of course this means that Whitney can now take control of her roommate, turn her over her own lap, and spank Jewell's bare bottom as much as she likes! Whitney is so enthusiastic to execute this duty, she doesn't even pause to put her clothes on again.

Naturally, Jewell comes in for the same amount of bend over paddling and strapping action that Whitney so noisily endured.

This delicious cougar vs wildcat video is available now!


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve Howard

It's convention season in Vegas and many of you business travelers will be visiting this fun town. When you've had your fill of the tables and the shows, you might consider losing some stress, Shadow Lane style. That means an over the knee spanking, plus all the variations of same that you crave, from me, Eve Howard. People often wonder, is it possible to get a really good spanking, without going home with marks? The answer is, of course! Especially if you schedule your session for the beginning of your trip. At any rate, I am extremely adept at delivering a long, hard, meaningful spanking, without leaving any traces other than a very red bottom for the hour or so following your correction. So don't worry about the marks! Have you ever dreamed of being spanked by two strict female disciplinarians at the same time? That kind of scene produces great energy and excitement and I'm happy to arrange for one of my darling spanking friends to visit with me for your session. With enough notice, I can have Gretta Carlson, Nikki Rouge or Ms. Venus Divine join us. And if you fancy spanking a girl as well as being spanked by us, little Violet October would be happy to participate.

So email me at:

or text your query to the Shadow Lane number: (702) 395-0783 and let's get together for some hands-on spanking therapy. You know you need it!

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Eve Howard's Spanking Blog
End of December 2015

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Presenting choice pix from our timely Christmas spanking video, Yule Be Sorry, starring Ms Venus Divine as Mrs. Claus, Violet October as her naughtiest helper elf and introducing Layla Savage, in her first spanking and first Shadow Lane video, as the second hapless helper, who comes in for spanking, paddling, strapping and a stinging twiggy whipping with a cinnamon birch rod from the hard to please Mistress of the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus tells Violet she will spank Layla until Violet successful builds a house of thirty cards. She begins Layla's spanking over the tall, lissome elf's panties, but eventually these are tugged down, to reveal an extremely shapely bottom, already stained dark red, from Mrs. Santa's punishing hand.

Mrs. Santa is an evil bitch. She sees how good Violet is at building a house of cards and decides to handicap her elf by pushing the table. No way is Layla getting off with a short spanking.

Perhaps you have noticed by now that Ms Venus Divine is looking blazing hot this season. This fierce woman is a force to be reckoned with in the scene. Naturally, Violet October was putty in her hands. That little blue haired elf is a funny girl. The more you redden her bottom, the more interested she becomes. And the stricter the top you hand her to, the happier she is.

The birch took both elves by surprise. It started out full, but by the end of the scene, it had flown almost completely to pieces. We were sweeping up twigs for days.

There's nothing about this shot I don't like.

Final shot from the video.

You can purchase Yule Be Sorry on DVD here:  CLICK ME

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

 Stocking Stuffer Alert!

More vintage Shadow Lane publications just unearthed!

There's still time to stuff these little cuties in your own stocking this holiday season, but supplies are extremely limited, so order now!


These magazines represent a significant part of Shadow Lane's history and the history of the scene itself at the end of the 20th century.

Just before social media exploded on the internet, people would buy these magazines, answer the ads, meet others, date and in many cases, form lifetime relationships with other spanking enthusiasts for the first time in their lives.

A large number of our female models originally found our small classified ads in Cosmo, subsequently bought these magazines, then our videos, and eventually became comfortable enough about being into spanking to offer to perform in spanking videos themselves. Almost all of our male models also started out as customers, though they most likely found our ads in Penthouse Variations and Taboo.

Almost all of our customers throughout the last decade of the 20th century, relied on publications to both point them to and then guide them through their initial scene adventures. Shadow Lane publications were considered top of the line, both editorially and graphically, mostly thanks to the sophisticated layouts designed by Butch Simms and the wonderful illustrations provided by Brian Tarsis. Each issue also features a lengthy Shadow Lane story by me.

We've recently gone back into the publication business and I am currently at work on a girl spanks girl magazine called Female Spanks Female Photoplay. I'm still collecting editorial material for that publication and welcome Letters to the Editor on the subject of females spanking females. I am also currently collecting material for the next issue of Stand Corrected. Please direct your letters to either publication to:

Updated List of Currently available Vintage Shadow Lane publications


Stand Corrected Jr. #1

Published in 1998, With articles, advice on spanking fantasies, illustrations by Brian Tarsis and Fritz, fiction, spanking in the media, spanking in comics and magazines, a Shadow Lane story, intro to the Scene, spanking from classic movies, and of course, lots of very old personal ads. Don't answer the ads, they are old. But this issue is a beauty. $20.00 (3 copies in stock at time of this writing.)


Stand Corrected Jr. #2

Just one of these available from 1998. Spanking in the movies, fiction, Brian Tarsis illustrations, color photos, a Shadow Lane story, and personal ads too old to answer. Someone grab this endangered species, it's the last of its kind. $20.00

Stand Corrected Jr. #3

One issue left. Grab it for there will never be another like it. From 1998. With a great Shadow Lane story and a truly classic Tarsis illustration, survey results, ads and more. $20.00

Stand Corrected Jr. #4

Published in 1998. With a Shadow Lane story, color photo stories, a Dolores Cortez article, A Philip Kemp story, Tarsis illustrations, photos from our Palm Springs party weekend, ancient personal ads of historical interest. Only 2 issues left! $20.00


Stand Corrected Jr. #5

From 1999, another extreme rarity, only one copy left. Results of another survey, color photo story, letters from readers, stories by Eve, Phil Kemp and Dolores, spanking in the media, Tarsis illustration, ads. $20.00


Stand Corrected Jr. #8

We actually have three of these in stock. A real beauty of a collectors' item. With a photo story, my article on Spanking in the 20th Century, a Philip Kemp literary pastiche on Brave New World, Taris illustration, party photos, Paula Meadows tribute, a Shadow Lane story and ads. $20.00

Scene One Issue #18

The issue just before we went color, from 1997. Only 2 left. Includes a Shadow Lane story, Tarsis illos, Spanking from the movies, Scene Terminology, A Philip Kemp story, vintage illustrations and more. Also, old, old, very old ads. Read the ads for fun only, don't answer them. $15.00

Scene One Issue #17

Only 3 in stock! From 1997. Features: spanking in the movies, fiction, Tarsis illustration, party photos, letters from readers. Very old ads. Don't answer them, they are old. $15.00

Scene One Issue #16

From 1996, Features a photo illustrated Spankings from the Movies article, an interview, 3 pieces of fiction, a Contessa illustration, and lots of vintage ads. Only 1 copy left! $15




Shadow Lane's 12 Days Of Xmas <-- click here

We close with the Shadow Lane version of the 12 Days of Christmas, designed by Butch Simms and written by yours truly.

Have a lovely, warm, safe New Year's Everyone, and we'll see you in '16!

Eve's Spanking Blog December 2015 December 02 2015, 1 Comment

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog
December 2015

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

Doesn't Autumn go with spanking? 

This photo is from my recent birthday weekend in California. I can hardly believe that a full thirty years has passed from 1985, when I wrote my first spanking editorial for Spank Hard, under the pen name Lizzie Bennett. Even after all this time, all the articles, magazines, videos and parties, I still think of spanking as one of the most interesting topics in the world. And I'm more enthusiastic than ever about our scene.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our two most recent shoots.

Cheyenne Jewel and Arthur Sire in
To Spank A Super Heroine

In "To Spank A Super Heroine" we paired beautiful Cheyenne Jewel, now a sensational redhead, with one of our favorite tops, Arthur Sire.

This is a classic boyfriend spanks girlfriend scenario, with lots of jealousy inspired indignation and subsequent female squirming. It's all about a girl who goes to Comic Con and comes home with a wealthy groupie, who can't stop texting her and sending her presents.  When her lover gets wise to what's been going on, he knows he has to take a firm stand with his girlfriend or lose her to an aggressive rival. Of course, as always, spanking is the answer!

Arthur thinks, "She's getting an awful lot of texts." He doesn't know why yet, but he will soon.

White cotton panties and pantyhose fans, take note. Ladylike underpinnings will never go out of style.

Cheyenne Jewel was a bit more filled out and juicy for this shoot and with the new flame colored hair, she's sexier than she's ever been.

Fantastic chemistry prevailed in this jealousy tango between Cheyenne and Arthur.

Girls who dream of getting perfect spankings from their lovers, who desire long scenes, with lots of elegant spanking positions and just the right degree of strictness in their tops, show your man this video. Attitude is everything in controlling a sensuous submissive just the way she likes. Remember to be serious. Serious is sexy. When a spanker is serious, they can still spank moderately, yet move their submissive, even to tears. To get into the headspace of surrender, a lady likes her man to take a firm stand.

Having put on just a bit of weight, in all the right places, Cheyenne Jewel now displays one of the most perfectly rounded, firm and jutting bottoms in all of Spankingland.

This video is called To Spank A Super Heroine because in the second act, Chey dons a Super Girl costume and sneaks off to meet her wealthy Comic Con fan in his private penthouse suite at a luxe hotel. Arthur discovers that his girlfriend has also accepted the expensive boots she has on from her admirer, along with other presents. It is all most upsetting to him.

In classic spanking positioning, one always takes a girl around her waist to hold her in place. A hand can curve around the top, or under the waist. Either grip works well to control and stabilize the position of a spankee across one's lap.

In the final scene, Arthur bends Chey over and lays on with his palm and a paddle strap. Gently pulling a spankee's arm back and pinning it to her waist is another time-honored method of communicating firm control to one's submissive. It's a hot button move that keeps the connection strong between spanker and spankee.

To Spank A Super Heroine available here


Venus Divine and Summer Hart star in
The Delinquent Daughter-in-Law

After blowing  $7,000 on nightclub bottle service at a bachelorette party, Summer scrambles to pay the bill before her husband finds out.  Going to her wealthy mother in law in desperation, Summer gets down on her knees and begs Sylvia to pay her debt and keep her financial misbehavior a secret from her husband. Summer's wish is granted, but at the price of her lily white bottom. Sylvia spanks, hairbrush spanks and leather paddles some remorse into her carefree daughter-in-law with determination, and not a little satisfaction, as she always suspected her daughter-in-law was a spoiled brat.

In the first act, Summer receives over the knee hand spanking, over her skirt, panties and on the bare bottom.

A hairbrush is then firmly applied to Summer's lush backside until the auburn haired minx cries out for mercy. After a short pause, the admonitory punishment resumes. Summer's creamy globes go from white to pink to red, as the naughty girl squirms and squeals.


In act two, a nude Summer Hart reveals more curves than a scenic highway as Sylvia bends her over the piano bench for more corporal punishment. Now Summer is disciplined with an oval English leather paddle and the dreaded wooden hairbrush as well as Sylvia's hand.


At the conclusion, the chastened Summer is made to kneel before her new mistress and kiss the palm of the hand that has just spanked her. Delinquent Daughter-In-Law available here


Extremely fair of face and exquisitely proportioned, Summer Hart has the figure of a fertility goddess and the demeanor of an innocent and well reared girl, an irresistible combination in a spankee.


Venus Divine is back with a sleek new look, and her own Boston brand of dominant energy. No mistress takes greater wicked delight in reducing a submissive to stammers and blushes than this powerful top lady. Terrific action, delicious reactions and hot button dialog are the hallmarks of this instant Shadow Lane woman spanks girl classic.


Traditional Spanking Sessions
in Las Vegas

You know you want a spanking, why try to fight it? You're going to be in Vegas soon anyway. Give in to the urge and treat yourself to the over the knee experience you've been dreaming about. Customize your session to create your most treasured fantasy, with you in the starring role. I love roleplay and I love spanking naughty boys. But I also get into sensation based spanking scenes, without any particular roleplay, where the sub goes into their own blissful subspace just from being disciplined. If you're nervous or shy, don't worry. That's just normal. We can deal with that. The answer is spanking. It's always spanking. Except for when it's strapping, paddling and caning. I'm happy to answer all queries. Just drop a note to: with your travel schedule and what sort of scenario you've been thinking about and I'll tell you how we can make it happen.  Or call me at 702-395-0783, the Shadow Lane office line.

Doubles with Gretta Carlson, Venus Divine, Nikki Rouge and Violet October also possible with ample advance notice. Cheers until we meet!

Eve's Spanking Blog October 2015 October 06 2015, 0 Comments

Here's an end of summer image that should make you smile -- with a belated birthday greeting to the only Bond that matters, courtesy of Brian Tarsis.

About our Labor Day Weekend

Pictured above, Shadow Lane stars Nikki Rouge, Violet October and Snow Mercy, who joined us for our 2015 Labor Day Party weekend.

For Tony, Butch and me, this was the best party we'd had since Palm Springs. With the help of all of our phenomenally hospitable suite party hosts, our Suite Surrender format really worked!

I estimate our final guest count to have been in the 260-280 range.
This was, in every sense, a community effort, with numerous guests opening their suites to the entire gathering. And this cooperation between suite hosts and us, allowed us to pretty much have the run of the 5th and 9th floors and part of the 10th and 8th as well.

The list of fun loving guest-hosts is long and wonderful. There was Dr. Lectr, who literally kept his party suites going 24 hours a day. Remarkable! Joe Lectr also hosted a formal judicial punishment suite for some really serious scenes.

Tom from SF, who not only threw a fantastic pizza party but also hosted the Spanking Court, which was ably officiated by Strict Dave.

Colodom and his lovely wife put on the Newbie's suite, an annual Colodom tradition to help orient first time party goers to the protocol of these events.

Harry Michaels put together a truly impressive collection of top girls and women for the Bad Boys suite, with about a dozen of us handing out spankings and paddlings, strappings and canings, to the deservingly naughty. I noticed that even though every top lady there was administering resounding thwacks across exposed male seats, with everything from heavy paddles to whippy canes, and not lightly, not a single "ouch" could be heard in those two rooms the whole time I was there. It was almost Zen like, in the manner of a big, physical, group therapy session, with all the participants grooving on it fairly soundlessly. (I don't think it would have been quite the same if it were all men administering hard spankings to female recipients. But I may be wrong.)

Brad D. hosted an extremely well attended cigar and chocolate party poolside. Brad also generously paid for the rental of the two excellent spanking benches, brought by local BDSM furniture maker, Mr. B. of Las Vegas. Spanking people really enjoy playing on furniture that has been specifically designed for this purpose. When you're playing on a good piece of furniture, one that is both sturdy and comfortable, it's easy to shut the world out, even if you're in the middle of a crowded room. More spanking Zen moments were achieved in this manner, and this time, the boys were spanking the girls.

Nan and Tom hosted a zany party room, with games and fun as only Naughty Nan can orchestrate. Merlin and The Bad One hosted a jumpin' play suite each night as well. Kyle and Stevie hosted a pajama, wine and cheese party.  Gary from Amateur Spankings hosted a suite party. There was a "littles" party, and there were many private parties, consisting of two to twelve persons, playing more intimately together in dozens of rooms throughout the weekend.

And to top it all off, Bob, Ariele and Calista returned to Shadow Lane after a many year absence to put on a truly magnificent bagel brunch spread on Sunday. Many of you who have been coming to the parties these twenty plus years will recall that Bob and Ariele were the first suite party hosts to open their suite to all of our guests, not just a hand picked few. They set the standard for suite hospitality and we are very grateful that they found it possible to return to us this year.


Every suite party had their special angels and helpers who volunteered their time to organize the rooms, put out the food and drink and make sure all ran smoothly. In my case, I had two brilliant female aides de camp, Amy from Texas, who efficiently set up our bar every night; and Hostess Samantha, who went around the suite inquiring what she could do to make everyone comfortable and happy. Special thanks to Rad for his advice on the sound system and then for bringing his huge library of tunes on his lap top.
I'd also like to thank all the generous people who helped other friends come to the party by paying for their tickets or helping pay for their rooms or transportation to Vegas. This happens at every event and such gestures of friendship and camaraderie should be recognized.
We were happy with the new format and feel that with a bit of fine tuning, it can be even better next time. We made a note of the refreshments you wanted but didn't find enough of. We will situate the vendor fair in the big suite next time. We'll start the Thursday night party a little sooner and end it a little earlier, ditto Sunday, but keep the Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-2am. Personally, we loved the liberation of not having name tags, and having cute buttons instead. However, we will provide simple stick on name tags in addition to the buttons next time, for anyone who wants one.
Not everyone signed our "stations of the spanked" tablets when they played, but enough signed for me to determine our two winners. Philogynous won for most spanked boy and statuesque Amazon Amanda won for busiest spanker. Each will receive a $40 amazon gift certificate.
I was particularly intrigued by the entry in one of the tablets that read: "I was spanked here by Rad and had about a million orgasms." Whoever wrote that, congratulations, you managed to write an entire short story in one sentence.

By the way, everyone who wore a uniform on uniform night, looked great!
As you can see from the photo above, I wore a housekeeper's dress that was formerly worn by a number of our models in Shadow Lane productions over the years. With me is the vivacious Nan from Maine, who, along with her adorable husband, Tom, has been coming to our parties for 24 years and is still the life of every party she attends.

Many crazy and interesting photos were taken at the party but since I don't have explicit permission from everyone to post them, I've only put up a few. If you have pix from the party that you'd like me to post on the next blog, please send them to me:, along with the scene name or names you want to go along with them.

I hope I haven't omitted anyone from my list of suite hosts, if I have, please correct that! I cannot thank you all enough for what you did over the weekend. I had one of the best weekends of my entire life. It made me so happy to see Jersey John back, to see the return of Bob and Ariele, to bond with my girl friends, from those in their sixties all the way down to my little darling twenty somethings from my videos. Some people had been at our first parties in the early nineties, some people who were literally toddlers when our first parties took place, were at the last one, enjoying the hell out of the scene. This is surely one of the most inclusive scenes on the planet. But maybe that's true of every dedicated interest niche group from Comicon freaks to cross word puzzle fanatics. A very particular special interest can bond people in ways that transcend age, race, religion and political orientation. In the case of our group, the edgy and the nerdy enjoy a symbiotic relationship, as illustrated by the classic juxtaposition of a voluptuous female bottom framed by the pleats of a raised tartan skirt above and white cotton panties below.


Female spanks Female writing sought for new magazine
This solicitation is for female writers only.

I'm currently putting together a female spanks female photoplay magazine. I'd like to interlace the photo spreads with some small bits of fiction or anecdotes, essays or letters to the editor, on the subject of female spanks female play. I'd love to print small editorials or stories by real women who actually spank or are spanked by other women, for one reason or another, today.

Please keep submissions to under 1,000 words. That is the number of words that take up one magazine page. My space is very limited. And if an image goes on the page as well, more like 500 - 700 words works best. So think in terms of very short pieces. If I use your piece, story, anecdote, opinion or article, you will receive a copy of the magazine, any five dvd's of your choice, and if you are a spanking author, model, photographer or video producer, you can plug your company in the magazine. You may also submit a photo to go with your piece, if you can provide copies of the models' i.d. shots and signed models releases. I realize this is something mainly video producers have access to, but many models are producers nowadays, and understand the necessity of such procedures to a publisher. At any rate, images aren't necessary, but if your company sells something, it makes for a better plug. If you need blank model releases, I can provide them to you.

Here are some suggested headings for submissions:

I'm bi and into spanking, so I play with other women

I'm gay (queer or lesbian - whichever you like best) and into spanking, so I play with other women

I'm straight and into spanking, but I play with other women

I'm a spanking model (or producer), so I play with other women

You can write on other topics relating to female spanks female. But we'd better keep away from childhood experiences because my publisher is edgy about things like that. No boarding school fantasies. Keep all your anecdotes to the 18 and over years of your lives.

I am seeking genuine female input from women who play with other women, either professionally or just for fun. And I want fresh, honest accounts of how you actually spank, not improbable fantasies of having to take spankings at work, to keep your job, etc.

Thank you in advance for your submissions.
Send your text files to me:

Shadow Lane Memorabilia

Our Shadow Lane buttons were so popular at the party, especially the ones that indicated orientation, that we've decided to make the set available, as a whole, or in parts, to Shadow Lane fans, as collectibles. We will be introducing new button designs every year, so start collecting them now. Available while supplies last:

Shadow Lane couple in a circle logo $3

Toy Sub button (spankee) $3

Spinning top button (spanker) $3

On/Off Switch button (switch) $3

Set of all four buttons $10

Please wait until you're ordering something else, like a dvd, so the buttons can ride on the same postage and handling as the rest of your order, otherwise, figure $7 extra in postage in handling will be added to  your order at check out. Click here to order buttons


Vintage, Long Out of Print Shadow Lane Publications

edited by Eve Howard, artistically designed by Butch Simms

On going through our files we recently came across a cache of old Scene One personal ads magazines and even a few Stand Corrected magazines from between 15-20 years ago. This is how people used to find each other before the internet. These publications are filled with fun reading, and most include my Shadow Lane stories, photos and original Tarsis illustrations. If you select any of these classic publications, please read for enjoyment only, don't attempt to answer these ancient ads, as we stopped forwarding responses to them decades ago. Actually, some of the ads with addresses in them might still be active, as some of these people still come to our parties, but recognize that a long time has passed and writing to these ads will probably result in nothing. However, if you do write to an ad and wind up meeting someone, that would make one hell of a letter to the editor, so keep us posted on all developments. SUPPLIES LIMITED!

Here are the available publications we have in limited supply:

Click here to see the remaining available vintage magazines



To Spank A Superheroine

Eve's Spanking Blog August 2015 August 28 2015, 349 Comments

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog
August 2015

Greetings from Las Vegas, the little city that becomes the spanking capitol of the world every Labor Day weekend. Our hotel is sold out and all around the country, panty cupboards are being scrutinized as luggage is packed.. Our Suite Surrender party is looking to be the best-attended event since before the bad times came to the economy, with bookings to match the halcyon days of the Stardust. Those who have purchased their tickets have received the phone app to keep track of the weekend's events. We will be posting an updated scheduled to FetLife throughout the party weekend under the group heading Shadow Lane Spanking. So, if you're coming to the party and don't have a smart phone, you can always check the FetLife page for updates. We will also be posting a board in the main Shadow Lane suite, with notes on all open events as we learn of them. Meanwhile, here's a rough outline of what will be happening, though we have omitted room and suite numbers, because they aren't all finalized yet. Anyone with questions on the party weekend who doesn't have access to a smart phone or FetLife, can email me: and I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability. Up through Tuesday the 1st, we'll be around the office and you can reach us there with questions by calling 702-395-0783

Basic Party Schedule

Thursday 9/3

Meet and Greet in the main Shadow Lane suite 9 pm to 2 am

If you wish to purchase your ticket at the party, please bring cash only and get your identifying button badge from Tony, Butch or me when you arrive.

If you're prepaid for your ticket or tickets, ask me, Tony or Butch for your button badge or badges. The new buttons are taking the place of the old name tag badges that were a pain to put together and fill out. If you don't want to pin the button to your shirt, dress or purse, keep them handy in your bag or your pocket as they will serve as your official identification as a ticketed party guest and will be necessary to enter the party suites.

Alcoholic and soft drinks, salty and sweet snacks will be available.  If you enjoy playing in public, be sure to play in all of our "Stations of the Spanked" areas around our suites and sign the books next to them. Prizes will be awarded to the most spanked and most spanking guests at the end of the weekend.

Friday 9/4

 Cigar and Chocolate Meet and Greet Pool Area hosted by Brad D.

2 pm - 3pm

 Newbies Suite hosted by Colodom & Spank4fun

3 pm


Vendor Fair

Shadow Lane secondary suite

7 pm - 9 pm

No charge to Vendors who are ticket holders.

Cassandra will be selling and signing her new book at the Fair


10 O'Clock Reports

Main Shadow Lane suite 10 pm - 2 pm

Bad pupils and disciplinarians all welcome to enact classic punishments in front of an appreciative audience of party goers. Exhibitions can be as short as six of the best all the way to lengthy strappings, etc. Your chance to show off your style. Many have already volunteered to participate in this activity, but we also have all night, so come early, come late, but come and play academic spanking games with us.

Saturday 9/5

 Bad Boys Suite hosted by HarryM., and 8 (or more) experienced spanking ladies

2-4 pm

All dominant, switchable and topping-curious ladies are invited to attend and dispense much deserved corporal punishment to the recalcitrant males in attendance. Visit for the whole session or just pop in for a half hour. All spankings are equally cherished by naughty boys, even ones that are short and to the point. But these lads do badly need your attention, so don't hesitate to show up, even if you have no experience at all. We will happily demonstrate time-honored techniques to help you master this new skill and feel the empowerment that spanking, strapping, paddling and caning men brings.


Pizza Party hosted by Tom from SF

8 pm to 10 pm

This isn't dinner, but a swell snack to fortify you for the shank of the evening


Spanking Court presided over by Strict Dave and hosted by Tom from SF

10 pm to 11 pm


Saturday Night at the Movies (and on TV)

Shadow Lane main suite

11 pm - suite is open until 2 am

Hard and soft drinks and snacks served

Reenact classic movie or tv spankings or invent new spanking scenes involving famous characters. No scripts or fancy costumes required, spur of the moment improvs welcome!


Sunday 9/6

 Bagel Brunch hosted by Bob, Ariel and Calista

10:30 am - 2 pm

 Judicial Punishment Role Play

Dr. Lectr's Suite

4 pm - 7 pm


Uniform Night

Shadow Lane main suite

9 pm - 2 am

Hard and soft drinks and snacks will be served

If you have a uniform you like, wear it!


New and Anal Erotic from Shadow Lane

The Clinical Approach

Starring Violet October and Nikki Rouge

Nikki sits up and takes notice as Violet explains her need for a different kind of discipline this time, one that involves anal penetration and enema training.

Violet, cute in her white pajamas, can't hide her excitement and approval of the course of treatment Nikki begins to describe to her.

As always, the discipline commences with a proper, over the knee spanking.

Nikki inserts a 5" silicone buttplug into Violet's tiny anus to prep her for what is to come.

It is customary to prepare the patient for her classic bag enema by first administering a smaller, bottle enema.

A gloved finger inserted into Violet's bottom allows Nikki to determine whether her patient is ready to proceed with the treatment. (Not shown, a pussy spanking that causes the pretty blonde's labia to swell to even more voluptuous proportions.

Nikki uses a cunning lube shooter to moisten the narrow channel into which the enema nozzle will be inserted. Violet's nipples are erect with excitement.

A unique angle on the feminine beauty and erotic allure contained in this video.

A super sexy buttplug style nozzle is attached to the thick silicone tube that connects to a large enema bag. To Violet, it feels just right.

Violet passively receives the warm infusion.

A purifying caning seals the discipline session. Violet had the marks for several days to remind her of her cleansing experience at the capable hands of her affectionate top. This perfect punishment interlude is available now!  And don't forget to watch the amusing public service announcement at the end of the video, in which Nikki and Violet explain how the equipment you will see in the video should be used. All the neat enema and buttplug gear featured in this dvd was furnished to Shadow Lane by

You can purchase this video on DVD here


Need a Spanking next time you're in Vegas?

Thinking about having a spanking session for the first time in your life? It doesn't have to be that scary. I have taken many beginners through their first spanking experience. Whether you have a complex role-play scenario in mind or just long to experience the sensation of being held firmly across a woman's lap and bare bottom spanked, I can accommodate your fantasy. We can get right down to it at once or have a lengthy discussion first about your personal spanking history. All sessions are tailored to the precise needs and desires of spankees.

Email: or text me at 702-232-2059 and tell me how I can help make your favorite spanking fantasy come true next time you breeze through Las Vegas.

My neighbor ladies Gretta Carlson and Nikki Rouge are often available to join in sessions if you fancy being topped by multiple doms. Violet October also lives close by, if you'd like to spank a little darling as well. Looking forward to seeing you standing in the corner soon!

Eve's Spanking Blog June 2015 June 25 2015, 13 Comments

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

Do you like our Gauguin girls of Summer? That's Amy Faye and Casey
Calvert in the delicious pool scene from our newest video, Villa de Bootie,
(SLV-203d) available the first week in July.

In this story, Kyle Johnson invites his two best friends, Amy and Casey,
to keep him company in his uncle's stunning home, in return for helping
him keep it in order. But naturally, the girls let him down.

Little Amy Faye makes her Shadow Lane debut in Villa de Bootie. This
extra-petite blue eyed nymph is a natural beauty with a delectable body
and sweetly submissive nature.

The mischief instigator is of course, Casey Calvert. You've loved her in
such videos as Disciplinarian Mom, and Sorority Hellion, as well as her
unforgettable scene with Larry Selden in our Spanking 301, A Punishment
Potpourri video. This is the first time we've matched her up with a boy
around her own age and the results are so satisfying.

Now 27, the lean, new Kyle Johnson demonstrates his mastery of the art
of spanking. With two spritely brats to take in hand this time, he's got his
work cut out for him. After watching this nude spanking scene, you may
also have to jump in a pool to cool off.


InViolet (SLV-202d) is the second of our new Spring releases.
It stars darling Violet October and handsome Arthur in the
story of a girl who just can't get the kind of disciplinary
spanking she craves from boys her own age.

Violet wants more than just spanking. Anal
penetration changes everything.

Finally, a video where the true Violet is allowed to emerge. This happy
masochist found true ecstasy that afternoon in Arthur's capable hands.

Violet couldn't believe it when we told her, "It's okay to smile in this one."
She actually couldn't stop smiling. What an exquisite little original is this
Violet October. This precocious 22 year old seems to embody the whole
heart and soul of the scene, its tender purity and reckless decadence all
rolled into one intriguing package.


And now some scenes from our new video, Nikki Rouge, Disciplinarian!

One summer day, life coach Nikki Rouge, calls her slacker charges to
account for their unsatisfactory efforts at self-improvement.

First Miss Violet October is punished with a clever pocket paddler that
fits right over her hand.

Next, the luscious Summer Hart is drawn across
Nikki's lap to have her voluptuous seat polished hot
pink with her maple smacker.

Later that day, the punishments resume, as the girls
are scolded and touched up with leather for the usual
girlish excesses. I won't recap the scolding because
Nikki's style is uniquely her own and will tickle you pink
with its enthusiasm and creativity.

This video bursts with beauty in three different styles. First
you have the leggy, lissome Nikki Rouge, trained ballet dancer,
intuitive fashionista and unselfconscious comedienne. (Nikki
always wears her own shoes and they are always killer.) Next,
there is stunning, red velvet cupcake Summer Hart, with a
bottom and bosom to die for, a complexion only Botticelli
could reproduce and the sweetheart face of a comic book
heroine from the 1940's. And there in the background, abides
the quietly smouldering little Violet October, of the delicate
proportions and alabaster skin, who keeps getting more
interesting every time we film her.

Talking about unwrapping a beautiful present, that's
what it's like every time Violet's dainty undies come
down. And by the way, everyone makes passes at
girls who wear glasses nowadays.

In an unexpected turn around, the girls overcome their
teacher and take advantage of her vulnerability when
she returns to the summer house late, after attending a
costume party clad in a miniscule plaid pleated skirt.
This, incidentally, is the exact kind of outfit we are
seeing sported by more and more girls at spanking

Nikki Rouge lets down her panties and hair for the rollicking finale.


Shadow Lane's iconic magazine from the turn of the century is as a phoenix, reborn after a dozen year hiatus, during which spanking fans worldwide sorely missed it. Filled with beautiful spanking images, interesting observations from lifelong spanking enthusiasts, delightful spanking fiction and original illustrations by the one and only Tarsis, the new issue will be a welcome addition to every collector's library of fine spanking erotica.

In Stand Corrected 14, editor Eve Howard interviews refined retro minx Zille Defeu, who then poses in a wonderful open bottomed girdle, seamed stockings and six inch heels, as well as for a charming photo spread where she is spanked by her real life husband in a domestic setting.

The featured article divides the results of Shadow Lane's first survey of the 21st century into pithy and apt comments from our readers, on what charms men into spanking and what impresses women into spanking, in the context of a first spanking date. Next comes a series of voluptuous pictorials that focus on pretty female spankees in pajamas, featuring Sybil Hawthorne, Madison Young, Sophy Nova spanked by Venus Divine and Sarah Gregory spanking her girlfriend, Heather Green. Our English correspondent, the excellent Philip Kemp, has presented us with a recently discovered unpublished chapter of Great Expectations, with the spanking scene that was discreetly omitted from Dickens' final manuscript, illustrated by Brian Tarsis. In the pictorial Domestic Disturbance, Shadow Lane art director Butch Simms spanks his housemaid Sybil in traditional style. Then Eve Howard shares her favorite photos from her recent return to videos as a top lady, in a multi page spanking scrapbook section. In photos from the video Spanking 301, statuesque Snow Mercy submits to her friend Nikki Rouge for a spanking with leather implements. Meet some of our most luscious models in our Curvy Girl Gallery. And finally, see beautiful cover girl Amelia Jane Rutherford as well as adorable Ten Amorette spanked by longest standing Shadow Lane top Ralph Marvel, who began his spanking acting career in Shadow Lane video ten and performed most recently in our hundred and ninety-fourth production. Stand Corrected #14 (SC-14) 63 pgs. $19.95


Shadow Lane Labor Day Weekend Update

Suite Surrender Party

September 3rd - 7th, 2015

Announcing some big changes to the Shadow Lane party!

 We're not having a ballroom or expensive catered food this time. Instead, we will host an on-going, four night spanking and cocktail party in our two large suites at the Suncoast. The Shadow Lane suites will be open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. from Thursday 9/3 - Sunday 9/6, for socializing and playing, with all sorts of alcohol, soft drinks, energy drinks, water and snacks available to guests each night.

Our scheduled events currently include:

Thursday Meet and Greet in our Suite

Check out our Stations of the Spanked, a series of spanking benches and other seats with a book next to each around our suites. If you play in one of these areas, put your names in the book. At the end of the weekend, we'll tally up the books and the persons most spanked and most spanking, will win prizes

Newbies suite hosted by Colodom and the lovely Spank4fun on Friday afternoon at 3pm

10 O'Clock Reports (school style corporal punishment) Demonstrations in the Shadow Lane suite on Friday night at ten p.m. Volunteers to spank and be spanked needed!

The Bad Boy's suite on Saturday from 2pm-4pm, hosted by Harry M, with various top ladies spanking men. Ladies who spank, please stop in! Contact Harrym on if interested. 

Saturday Night at the Movies (and on TV)

Skits will be performed involving your favorite characters from movies or TV in the Shadow Lane suite. Cash prizes awarded to best skits. Volunteers needed!

A Spanking Court on Sunday at noon in the Shadow Lane suite, presided over by StrictDave

A bagel brunch on Sunday afternoon hosted by Bob and Ariele.

Sunday Night is Uniform Night. If you have a uniform that you enjoy, please wear it Sunday night!

Throughout the weekend, Vendors will have the option to set up in their rooms or larger suites or in the second Shadow Lane suite, at no charge, provided they are willing to watch over their own merchandise.

Various suite party hosts will also be opening their suites throughout the weekend for visiting and playing. There is a smart phone app available to track all of these soon and details are now posted on FetLife in the Shadow Lane Spanking group. There will also be a board in the Shadow Lane suite notating all of the open suites and events available throughout the weekend.

This may be the biggest Shadow Lane party ever. The ticket price will be $40.00 per person. This covers access to the Shadow Lane suites each night, unlimited drinks and bar snacks.

We have negotiated the best possible rates for Labor Day weekend, and have been given the 9 and 5 floors, with a block of 125 recently redecorated rooms.

The basic deluxe room on Friday & Saturday nights will be $109, $55 from Sunday - Thursday.

golf view rates $124 Fri & Sat, $70 Sun - Thur

1 bedroom executive suites $260 Fri & Sat, $200 Sun -Thur.

2 bedroom Mediterranean suites $325 Fri & Sat, $275 Sun - Thur.;1 bedroom Tuscany suites $485 Fri & Sat, $425 Sun -Thur. ; 2 bedroom Presidential suites $585 Fri & Sat, $525 Sun -Thur. These rates for our block are good from Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015 - Monday Sept. 7, 2015

We urge you to reserve your room or suite asap, as the hotel always sells out on Labor Day weekend. Cut off date for guaranteed group reservation rates is Aug. 3. 2015. After that, rooms may be available, but at the higher, prevailing rate.

Purchase tickets here:  Ticket Purchases

Reserve hotel rooms at Suncoast by phone: 866-836-7111

The group code is A5SLC09

website is:

Book your rooms at The Suncoast for the party here:  Make Reservations

The Suncoast Resort and Casino is located at: 9090 Alta Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89145

Any questions? Call us at 702-395-0783


Spanking Sessions with Eve Howard

Picture yourself here. I mean just where pretty Violet is, over my knee,
with your pants down around your knees, my hand holding you close by
the hip and my hairbrush raised to award your erring bottom the treatment
it deserves.

No matter how big and tall you may be, you'll
feel like a punished brat, over my knee! Write me
for details on planning your perfect spanking
session next time you're in Las Vegas. Write: or Text me at:

Eve's Spanking Blog March 2015 March 12 2015, 4 Comments

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!

I have lots of announcements to make so I'll get right to it.

First, my newest Shadow Lane book, Rogue Mistress, is now in print. It's the twelfth volume in the series that I first began writing in 1986. I actually started Shadow Lane, the business, selling the first few chronicles in pamphlet form, then went onto incorporate succeeding chapters into our magazine Stand Corrected, that we began publishing in the early 90's. At around that time, Blue Moon picked up my books, began printing them as paperback novels, and distributing them worldwide. In recent years, I acquired a new publisher, CCB, which brought out all my volumes in deluxe trade paperback editions with color cover illustrations by Brian Tarsis.

Speaking of Tarsis, he's contributed several new illustrations to the brand new issue of Stand Corrected magazine we are currently working on. You all remember Stand Corrected, right? We're actually starting it back up and will be collecting editorial material for the next issue soon. If you'd like to submit a letter to the Letters to the Editor column for possible inclusion in a future issue, please do so by sending your comments to me,

You can order the paperback edition or the kindle edition using one of the following links:




Most Recent Video Releases

Spanking Superstar Adriana Evans Makes Her Shadow Lane Debut!



Starring Adriana Evans and Miss Chris Grey

Bored at home one sunny afternoon, stunning Adriana decides to attract the attention of the pool boy by doing a strip tease in front of the windows. Sashaying back and forth while pulling off her tiny shorts and flannel shirt, Adriana is unaware that her older, wiser girlfriend, Miss Chris, is watching the spectacle and growing more incensed by the moment. Striding in to confront the naughty brunette, Miss Chris delivers a scathing scolding on the dangers of reckless exhibitionism. When Adriana scoffs at Miss Chris' common sense advice and is rude to her friend and benefactor, Miss Chris doesn't hesitate to drag the fully nude beauty face down over her lap and spank the living daylights out of her. The hard, indignant spanking brings out the wicked little brat in sex kitten Adriana and she baits Miss Chris as much as she dares to, even while yowling in pain at her female patron's discipline.

After a long, hard, over the knee hand spanking, Adriana still hasn't learned her most painful lesson, so Miss Chris thrusts the long haired Venus down over a stool, makes sure Adriana's luscious bottom is uppermost, and begins to lambaste it with a leather strap and a wooden paddle. Adriana's reactions, half defiant, half supplicating, combined with her bewitching good looks and adorable personality, add up to one of the most provocative woman spanks girl scenes we have ever captured.

As Adriana can't resist one last dig at her staid friend's house rules, Miss Chris finds it necessary to pull the sexy minx over her lap one final time, and turn Adriana's voluptuous pink bottom an even more pleasing shade of rose. Finally, the spanked, strapped, paddled and spanked again Adriana is ordered to put her clothes back on and try to behave for the rest of the day.

True enthusiast Miss Chris, is the toppy spanking girl friend every spanking submissive wishes they had. She spanks thoroughly and hard, but always communicates her love and caring. Adriana Evans, a smoldering siren of French-Brazilian descent, radiates an incandescent sexuality mingled with lovable girl next-door mischief. She's everything any spanking fan could ever ask for.

(SLV-199d) R
unning time: 36 minutes.




Our 200th video fittingly stars the quintessential Shadow Lane girl, Sarah Gregory

Sarah drives John crazy with her outfit changes before a party. So he takes his maddening girlfriend over his knee, and administers a resounding spanking to her tightly girdled booty, and then to her bare bottom. Next, John insists she strip nude for additional spanking, a sound leather paddling and 6 of the best with his belt. America's Spanking "It" girl is tamed, in firm but affectionate style, by her real life lover, in Shadow Lane's rollicking 200th video!  Running time: 39 minutes.


Sarah is one of the most sought after models in the industry because she combines beauty, enthusiasm, intelligence, the ability to take a great spanking and react to as a real girl would, plus she always brings great wardrobe.

Sarah gets an over the knee spanking from her real life boyfriend John, while tightly swathed in a retro open bottomed girdle, furnished courtesy of

In this scenario, Sarah plays a character we can all recognize, that girl who is always taking selfies to check out her outfit and then making everyone wait while she changes it. Here, John has had enough of Sarah's obsessive compulsive behavior and sternly corrected her with a paddle.



Shadow Lane Labor Day Weekend

Some of you have been with us long enough to remember the very first Shadow Lane party at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, back in 1991. Spanking superstar Jennifer Brooks was there, pictured above, over the knee of spanking cartoonist Dan Rivera. It's hard for us to believe that some of our models were not yet even born when that first party took place.

Announcing some big changes to the Shadow Lane party!

We have recently received the strong impression that many of our regular guests have become dissatisfied with the ballroom format of the Shadow Lane party. So have we, for many reasons, not the least of which has been the stress of having to prepay the large catering bill.

Long ago, when we first started hosting spanking parties, the quid pro quo with the hotel was that we'd book a big catered event, and in return, would be permitted to invade the property with our distinctive slapping noises and obvious kinkiness, for a weekend of riotous play, at the risk of offending the sensibilities of other guests.

For many years, our ballroom parties worked beautifully for us. There was nothing you couldn't do in the ballrooms in Palm Springs and at The Stardust, including bare bottom spanking. And the food at both venues was copious and reasonably priced. But due to the fact that our current hotel is (overtly) more conservative than the previous properties, in recent years, the ballroom play has been restricted to over panties, and that has severely cramped its style. And not least important to the ballroom equation, catering costs increase every year as menu choices narrow. This is the reality of catered affairs at hotels.

In addition, for a variety of reasons, the Vendor Faire is no longer viable. People are shopping for their toys on line and viewing videos as downloads rather than buying dvd's. Thus, toy vendors and video producers alike, are no longer selling enough to justify bringing their wares to the party and setting up a table.

Finally, due to the efficiency of social networking prior to every party, most guests have found that they no longer need the ballroom format to hook up with friends and other attendees.

Therefore, the Shadow Lane party is about to morph into a different and more exciting entity.

Because our group has now grown large enough to occupy whole floors of its own, not to mention guarantee sold out weekends at our current hotel, we have been invited to host our first party without a catered event in the ballroom. To Tony, Butch and me, this is a great relief, freeing us to host a 4 night play party in our hospitality suites instead. 

We plan to open our suite on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, from about nine p.m. to two a.m. for partying and playing. The later start time will allow people to go and eat where they like and/or catch a show, without missing the party.

We will provide an open bar with beer, wine, hard liquor and mixers, soft drinks, energy drinks and water, and plenty of snacks every night, Thursday through Sunday. Guests are invited to socialize and play in our suite without restriction.

Shadow Lane guests have been throwing suite parties during our party weekends since the 90's and we have always been grateful for their support. But no one who throws a suite party should ever feel pressured to open it to all. Our suite party should relieve this pressure to a great degree. We will coordinate with all other suite party throwers as to their schedules, so as not to conflict with any planned events. 

If any other organizers need the biggest suite for any event they'd like to put on, we will work with you to make that happen. 

This may be the biggest Shadow Lane party ever. The ticket price will be $40 per person. This covers access to the Shadow Lane suites each night, unlimited drinks and bar snacks.

We're really happy about this liberation from the ballroom and all the responsibilities that went with it. We feel as though we've shed our chrysalis and will emerge as a more energetic and colorful entity. We can still play dress up, let down our hair, and our pants, without having to worry about attracting the unwanted attention of outsiders.

Within our suite, we will have a board or list of other party suites going on that weekend. We will post all updates on the Shadow Lane Spanking board on Fetlife as well as the weekend unfolds. While there is no lobby at the hotel, many of our guests have found it convenient to meet at or near the bar opposite the sports book in the casino.

We have negotiated the best possible rates for Labor Day weekend, and have been given the ninth and fifth floors, with a block of 125 rooms. And the rooms have just been redecorated. The basic deluxe room on Friday and Saturday nights will be $109, and $55 from Sunday through Thursday. (The non-group room rate for the same room that weekend will be $169, so we're getting an excellent deal.) There are also 18 suites on the 10th floor, 5 of which have two bedrooms attached. 

In a few days we will have an easy to use url direct link to the Shadow Lane group reservations that people can use without putting in the group code. Meanwhile, the rates will be as follows:

deluxe room rates $109 Fri and Sat, $55 Sun thru Thur

golf view rates $124 Fri and Sat, $70 Sun thru Thur

1 bedroom executive suites $260 Fri and Sat, $200 Sun thru Thur

2 bedroom Mediterranean suites $325 Fri and Sat, $275 Sun thru Thur

1 bedroom Tuscany suites $485 Fri and Sat, $425 Sun thru Thur

2 bedroom Presidential suites $585 Fri and Sat, $525 Sun thru Thur

The block is slated from Wednesday Sept. 2, 2015 - Monday Sept. 7, 2015

The group code is A5SLC09

website is

We will provide a direct url link to reservations for Shadow Lane shortly, so most people will not need to reference the group code at all.

As always, Labor Day demands a Back to School theme, so start organizing your pleated skirts and canes right now!

Just to mention a few quick rules of protocol at all Shadow Lane events. Please make sure to limit your photography to guests who have consented to be in your photos. We will have a photo-friendly corner set aside in the big suite so you can pose pix. At this point, everyone has a camera in their phone so there is no way that we can make sure there are no cameras in the suite. Just use your discretion and respect the privacy of others with regard to photos. Don't just shoot into the middle of the room or the general crowd. Obviously, models love to pose for photos. That's what the photo friendly corner will be for.

Secondly, the hotel has asked us to ask our guests not to post signage on their doors, particularly on the floors we may be sharing with non Shadow Lane guests. The 10th floor has many mini suites. We may wind up booking most of them for our party, but we may also end up sharing half of that floor with regular guests. So there, in particular, it's important to keep the party doors closed and not play in the halls. For that matter, no one should be playing in any of the halls and party room doors should always be closed. We suggest hanging ribbons on doors where there are parties going on. We'll figure out the colors later.

As always, we ask that Shadow Laners be discreet in elevators, the pool and all other public areas of the hotel.

Always let the cleaning crew in to clean the next day or you might be assessed a fine. They don't care that you have paddles around, they've seen it all. But they don't want to have to deal with the accumulated mess of days or miss their assigned rooms that they get paid to clean. They treat us very well at this hotel, let's be equally nice to the staff so they keep inviting us back with open arms.

More details to come as the spring advances. We will keep you informed! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,



Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas


Still wondering if you'll ever get a real over the knee spanking? Is it something you can't stop thinking about? Are you, in fact, obsessed with spanking fantasies? Do you crave strict corporal punishment from an authoritative female disciplinarian? Are you breezing through Vegas with an hour to spare in the near future? A real spanking could resolve your frustrations and leave you feeling satisfied, if not elated. Email me: and perhaps we can arrange to make one or more of those life long spanking fantasies of yours come true. I'm great with beginners and love hearing about your particular background, hopes and fears before we play. You can also call me at 702-395-0783.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog December 2014 December 17 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings, Spanking Enthusiasts!

And Happy Holidays.


In honor of the season, this blog features 12 of the best photos from our
latest video, Rude Awakening, starring Stevie Rose and Kyle Johnson.


Stevie gets a rude awakening from Kyle for oversleeping through her job
interview that morning.

He's working three jobs and she barely makes it to her one part time gig.
No wonder Kyle's indignant!


He's only twenty something, but this boy is a hardcore spanker.


Stevie's gorgeous bottom colors up quickly under the relentless smacking
doled out to her by her strict spouse.


It isn't easy being a modern girl with an old fashioned husband. She can't
wheedle her way out of this, he knows her too well.


Kyle administers an admonitory spanking to Stevie
before she leaves the house, to remind her to behave
herself that day at work. Pantyhose fans, take note!


Kyle hopes that Stevie's sore bottom will remind her
to come straight home after work, even though it is
Friday night.


After discovering that Stevie has not put on a bra under
her work blouse, Kyle is disappointed in his bride's lack
of discretion.

Rude Awakening is the first video that Stevie Rose has ever appeared in topless!

Kyle decides that his wife needs a touch of the hairbrush to remind her not
to conduct herself like a little slut at the office.

The beautiful, submissive, 24 year old blonde Stevie is everything a
spanking guy wants his ladygirl to be.

This is one ripsnorting spanking scenario, with a real life couple who play hard.
Check out Rude Awakening from Shadow Lane as you enjoy your own warm
and rosy holiday!


Spanking Sessions in Las Vegas with Eve Howard

January kicks off the convention season in Vegas and
many traveling businessman will be visiting my fair city.
Whether you are a seasoned player or a complete
novice who has been too terrified to ever try to make
your favorite fantasy come true, the perfect spanking
awaits you, right here, over my lap. Write me with your
specifications for your own personal, ideal spanking
scene and I'll let you know how we can make that
happen. Email: or call me at:
702-395-0783 for more details on how we can meet.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog November 2014 November 16 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings Spanking Fans!

Presenting a blow by blow synopsis of the action
in our brand new video, Sorority Hellion, starring
stunning Casey Calvert, sexy disciplinarian Gretta
Carlson and me!


Scenes from SORORITY HELLION (SLV-196d)

Starring Casey Calvert, Gretta Carlson and Eve Howard

Gretta Carlson co-stars with Casey Calvert in Act One
of this exciting new entry in the Our Sorority series.

Casey Calvert plays Tori, the kind of hell raiser
Lambda Sigma Zeta attracts.

House Mother Gretta takes senior sister Tori over her lap for abusing her
powers in the sorority.

Tori has been over-hazing the junior pledges and giving the sorority house an
even worse reputation for sexual perversity that it already has.

Gretta has found that complete nudity tends to make a culprit feel more
vulnerable and hence, more submissive.

Tori taking her spanking but secretly planning more outrageous acts of
rebellion against propriety.

Sugar and spice and everything naughty, plus
stunning legs and heels.

Gretta drives the lesson home with a taste of maple.

Casey Calvert channeling Ashley Renee realness.

Hourglass goddess and sprightly sylph, these bodies in motion are heavenly.

Tori typifies the Lambda Sigma Zeta girl, sexually precocious,
devil may care, hot as hell and of course, a spoiled brat.

A body like Casey Calvert's is not seen every day in the world of adult entertainment.
With her graceful natural proportions, exquisitely tiny waist, luxuriant silky brown
tresses and expressively beautiful features, she's as photogenic as models come.
But Casey is the whole package, a smart, witty, well informed, well prepared,
sporty, fun girl who takes a great spanking.

Maybe the camera loves Casey so much because she takes such a good spanking.

No sorority punishment would be complete without a session with the leather strap.

Tori protests that it is her privilege as a senior sister to haze the pledges and
refuses to admit she overstepped the bounds. So Gretta continues the discipline.

Gretta doesn't mind putting the extra time and effort into getting
Tori to say "Lambda Sigma Zeta Forever" like she means it.


Act Two of Sorority Hellion

Busted! Tori sends all of the junior sisters out on errands so
she can have the sorority house to herself. She gets out the
sex toys she ordered using the Lambda Sigma Zeta credit
card and proceeds to pleasure herself. But she is caught by
the regional head of Lambda, Eve Howard.

Tori has even ordered her own play bench with sorority funds. Eve tests it out.

It's more spanking for Miss Tori, the selfish sorority brat,
who bosses all the other girls around for her own amusement.

Eve tells Tori to demonstrate the use of some of her toys as she continues to
spank her. This makes both the spanking and the masturbation more interesting.

Want to get a spanking girl hot? Watch what Tori does
with a vibrating wand while she is being spanked and paddled.

Sorority Hellion embodies the spirit of Lambda Sigma Zeta perfectly. It's all
about discipline and eroticism mixed into one.

Sorority Hellion available now on DVD!

Spanking Sessions in Vegas with Eve Howard

Breezing through Las Vegas for business or pleasure
this autumn? You might consider scheduling some
"you" time, when you can get the spanking of your
dreams from an experienced disciplinarian with a
profound understanding of what makes bad boys tick.
Over the knee spanking, hairbrush spanking, wooden
paddling, leather strapping and possibly even some
caning or restraint may be in store for you on your next
visit to the gem of the Southwest. Email me with a
detailed description of your ideal scene and we'll make
a date. I also enjoy playing with couples and as always,
my bosom buddy, Gretta Carlson is available to
participate as the second top lady in any corporal
punishment scenario you may envision. Write me at: or call 702-395-0783 to arrange
an appointment. A few days or weeks advance notice
is always appreciated. Calling on the day you want to
play is cutting it too close. Hope to see some of you




Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - October 2014 October 15 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings Spanking Fans! 

Hope you're enjoying your Autumn, the perfect time for spanking. We ushered in October by shooting with one of our favorite new Shadow Lane girls, Violet October.

In Motivational Spanking (SLV-195d), I play the baby boomer mom of a boomeranger, that is, a grown kid who bounces back home after college instead of moving out the way kids always used to during better economic times. In an effort to make my daughter to consider any place better than living at home, I institute domestic discipline. 

 Violet October is so cute in her little jeans that of course she requires a hairbrush spanking. 

 In this scenario, my stubborn daughter has a plan to save up lots of money before moving out on her own. But it's taking too long and I'm getting impatient. So I communicate my annoyance with my live at home brat with a solid maple paddle across her adorable bottom.

When my spanking fails to provide sufficient motivation for our daughter to leave home, my husband Butch tries his considerably harder hand at impressing our offspring that independence is more desirable than sheltering indefinitely in the familial nest.

Violet holds out as long as she can, stubbornly insisting that she has a plan. But Butch also has a plan, to rid his domicile of both his lazy daughter and her encroaching boyfriend "Muskrat" once and for all.

The darling bottom of Violet October, well spanked by both her mom and dad!

We're betting that many long time Shadow Lane fans will get a kick out of seeing Eve and Butch play the parents of a 22 year old bad girl. We genuinely enjoyed this role play scenario.

Available now on DVD!

We'll be sticking with the millennials this month and shooting stunning Casey Calvert next. Her top will be the ever popular blonde bombshell, Gretta Carlson!

Ideas for our next Labor Day Party Weekend

We've been kicking around the idea of luncheon instead of, or in addition to evening events during our next Labor Day party weekend.

If you often come to our parties or are thinking about attending one for the first time, drop us a line and let us know which of these options would appeal most to you.

A. Instead of two evening events on Friday and Saturday night, we are thinking of having two luncheon events on Saturday and Sunday. We'd have the ballroom for four hours on each of these days, which would make for a different daytime energy. We wouldn't have a vendor fair, but we would have plenty of time and space for games, demonstrations, skits, participation, etc. None of this is planned so far. It's just a new idea.

B. We keep the Saturday event as a buffet dinner dance but instead of Friday in the ballroom, we shift that to a Sunday luncheon event. Since it's Labor Day  Weekend and most people stay over Sunday night anyway, we figured this might be a nice option. It would also allow for late check in's on Friday night not to miss anything. But it would also allow for dressing up for an evening event on the Saturday.

C. We keep everything the same as usual with two evening events on Friday and Saturday night.

What is your opinion of these options? Reach me in one of the following ways:

Tweet to me on twitter where my name is: Eve Howard @EveShadowLane

Email me:

Contact me on under the name: EveHoward

Or post to the "Shadow Lane Spanking" group on

Or post to Tony Elka's Facebook page, the default Shadow Lane Facebook presence:

Your input would be most welcome!


Spanking Sessions in Vegas

Have you been naughty enough to deserve a bare bottom spanking with hand and hairbrush? Are you stressed and in need of release? Is there no one in your world who understands your need for discipline?

Do you see yourself as a recalcitrant student, a disobedient delinquent or a careless cad in need of occasional correction? Whether your tolerance for corporal punishment is large or little, I have the experience and determination to satisfy your needs. If you're planning on breezing through Vegas and want more details on making your most cherished spanking fantasies come true, email me,

You can also call to chat about the possibilities at 702-395-0783.

Eve Howard's Spanking Blog - September 2014 September 21 2014, 6 Comments

We said farewell to the Summer of 2014 in our usual way,
with a big spanking party weekend here in Las Vegas.
Shadow Laners from across the country, the Atlantic and
Pacific joined us for our 34th gala event.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the party. Some
joined us for the first time, others have been coming for over
twenty years. Some couples who attended met for the first
time at our parties or through our personal ads. That's a happy
thing for us.

At this point in time, there are many regional spanking parties
occurring at various times in the year, including Boardwalk
Badness  (SSNY), SCONY, Crimson Moon, Florida Moonshine,
Texas All State and our friend The London Tanner has even begun
an annual party in Spain called The World Spanking Party.
Many enthusiasts travel from party to party, making our scene
into the mainstay of their social lives.

This promotes a wholesome and guiltless feeling of belonging
to a happy, healthy, thriving community that no one need ever
be ashamed of again. But at the same time, we've all learned
from experience that the hands on practice of fetishism
"tis caviar to the masses" and still a secret to be kept from all
but those who share it. Don't expect your co-workers or your
family to understand or approve. It is none of their business at all.
Spanking is still a sexually esoteric adult pursuit that promises
intense pleasure to those who dream of it and seek it out. To the
rest of the world, it remains to a greater or lesser extent, an
inexplicable curiosity, freak show or joke. This is not to say that
you should be paranoid about "people finding out" to the extent
of not participating. It is only to say that you shouldn't expect
people who are completely vanilla to understand what kind of fun
the spanking scene can bring to those who are already enthusiasts.
I've met scores of people in the scene who have felt compelled to
confess their obsession with spanking to best friends or family
members, only to be advised to seek counseling. This is a great
disappointment that can be avoided by simply holding your own
council about this frankly erotic interest. You can avoid this type
of disappointment by making your confessions to others in the scene.
And when you do, the kind of feed back you get will not disappoint
you at all. It will make you feel that you belong.

We hope to try something a bit different for our next Labor Day party
weekend. Instead of evening events, we are thinking of having two
casually festive luncheon days, on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor
Day weekend. This will bring a different type of energy to the party.
Instead of a vendor fair, we will make the ballroom available for
demonstrations, exhibitions, games and other activities. Anyone
interested in putting on an exhibition or even a short one act play,
should talk to us before the next party. We are open to all fun ideas.


This group shot pictures all the Shadow Lane models we could round up in
the ballroom at 8:45 on Saturday night. Top row from left to right: Kyle Johnson,
Dallas, Alex Best, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ralph Marvel, Mark Fisher, Tony Elka,
Gino Coletti, Butch Simms and Keith Jones. Bottom row from left to right: Stevie
Rose, Sarah Gregory, Erica Scott, Alex Reynolds, Vivian Sweet, Eve Howard and
Dolores Cortez. Other Shadow Lane models who were at the party included
Stephanie Locke, Virginia Lewis and Ten Amorette.


Amelia Jane Rutherford with one of her favorite co-stars, Keith Jones.


Stevie Rose and Sarah Gregory


Erica Scott and Alex Reynolds


Shadow Lane partner, Art Director
and performer, Butch Simms


Virginia Lewis returns!


The beautiful legs of Stephanie Locke, punctuated
by 9" heels.



Scenes from our newest boy spanks girl video, The Haughty Girl starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Ralph Marvel

In The Haughty Girl, an arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict
boss in a spanking tour de force! Features hard hand spanking and full nudity
of a 6'2" blonde goddess!


Panty pull downs trigger indignation in haughty girls.


The owner of a casting agency is peeved with his new talent manager for
inflicting devastating criticism on the models who don't meet her high
standards of elocution. Tired of dealing with complaints, Mr. Marvel decides
to spank some courtesy into the stunning, leggy, blonde Amelia Rutherford,
using only his huge, hard hand.


Amelia is one of those rare models whose range
of expressions enables her to look like a different
girl in every picture.


Amelia channeling Gweneth Paltrow.


Pouty girl.


Punished to perfection.


In the second scene, the beautiful, but still rude British perfectionist, is
ordered to remove every stitch of clothing and take a second sound hand
spanking from her boss in the nude. Crackling bare bottom spanking,
wonderfully witty dialog, and a rollicking dominant vs brat dynamic, adds up
to an instant Shadow Lane classic, featuring two of our most beloved
performers, together for the first time. (SLV-194d) running time: 41 minutes

The Haughty Girl on DVD


Spanking Sessions with Eve Howard

Coming to Vegas for a convention or business? Lose
some stress with an excellent spanking scene. I love role play
scenarios and will enthusiastically portray a mom, head
mistress, lady boss or dominant wife. Never had a
spanking before after dreaming of one your entire life? I've
been into it all my life too and can take you through your
first real adult scene with skill and empathy. Enjoy
submitting to two dominant women at once? My neighbor,
Gretta Carlson is happy to come and join me in dispensing
all the corporal punishment required.

Email me, at:

Or call for an appointment: 702-395-0783.

You can follow me on Fetlife and ask any questions you like
pertaining to spanking. You can also follow me on twitter
where I am EveShadowLane. Too shy to meet in person but
interested in intimate phone conversations about spanking or
even role playing over the phone? I am available for phone
sessions on The phone number to reach me
through Niteflirt is 1-800-TO-FLIRT but please email me before
you call to let me know when you might be calling as I don't
have it on all the time. Cheers and I look forward to spanking
some of you this coming Autumn and Winter.







Eve Howard's Blog July 2014 July 24 2014, 0 Comments


Greetings Spanking Fans,

Shadow Lane has a Facebook page under Tony Elka. Want to connect with friends before the party? Follow us on the Tony Elka Facebook page and post messages there. You can also post to the various Shadow Lane party groups on FetLife, which is free to join and asks no private info about members.


I just posted a question on Tony Elka's Facebook page: What are you bringing to the party?

Here are my suggestions:


In Vegas at summer's end, it's still blazing hot outside and frosty within all modern buildings. So you'll need sun glasses, sunscreen and a sweater.


Attire for the party is dressy casual for Friday night and dressy casual to formal for Saturday night, as your inclination steers you. On Friday night, many spankees enjoy wearing classic spanking looks, such as prep school style blazers, shorts, pleated skirts, and other traditional articles that draw attention to their spankablilty. On Saturday night suits and even tuxes may be seen on the lads, while ladies tend to display their beauty in cocktail dresses, prom dresses and gowns. This doesn't mean that you can't go casual both nights. If you feel most comfortable and cute in jeans, by all means, be yourself.


Here are two examples of great spanking style for ladies, each with different points and features to recommend them. The iconic pencil skirt, modeled here by Ashley Edmonds, outlines, profiles, displays and tightly encases Miss Edmond's shapely seat. But while the glove tight skirt does draw the eye and whet the appetite to see more, getting it up for a spanking is no easy task. How do you do it? Make her hike it up before she gets over? Try yanking it up yourself once she's over your knee? Awkward and annoying. Or do you have unzip and remove the skirt entirely before beginning? Either way, there's nothing fluid about getting a girl in tight skirt bared.


The second example shows the advantages of a "swing" skirt, which is what they are calling any skirt that is loose, rather than clinging. A fuller skirt may be easily flipped up or folded back to reveal a spankee's bottom. And as this close up on the lovely derriere of Violet October reveals, a loose skirt can make the prettiest possible frame for a rosy seat.



Additional Party Suggestions


There will be many options for buying toys at the vendor fair, but if you want to pack your own essential spanking kit, I would include: a solid wooden hairbrush, a round or oval leather paddle and a leather strap. 


Spanking Etiquette sidebar: If you plan to asks guests to your room and you're the kind of spanking person who travels with dozens of esoteric toys, do keep the most invasive items of gear tucked away in a drawer until use. 

Many is the innocent spankee who has consented to play in someone's room, envisioning a bit of over the knee spanking, then walked in to see every  table, desk and dresser top piled high with retention plugs and enema equipment. For a casual party hook up, that's  just too much, too soon. Not saying don't bring those things, just talk about them first, play show and tell only after some interest has been expressed.


Since you might get lucky in love at this party, it's never a bad idea to bring condoms. Not that spanking parties are like swingers events. But the atmosphere is still highly conducive to romance and love. Many happy couples meet for the first time at spanking parties.


If you plan to have guests to your room or suite, having some bottled water on hand to offer them will be appreciated. 


Still haven't bought your tickets or reserved rooms yet? Please read this!


Labor Day Party Update


This is looking to be a more popular weekend in Vegas than usual, so please book as soon as you can to secure the best rates and a room at our party hotel. 


Shadow Lane Party 2014

The cut-off date for Shadow Lane guests/attendees to make room reservations at The Suncoast at our contracted  group rate is coming up on 7/30/2014.  

Reservations may be conveniently secured until cut-off date through our toll free reservations number at 866-636-7111 Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific times. Callers must reference our group code (A4SLC08), in order to receive our contracted group rate. By referencing this same group code they may also book their reservation on-line at

 Reservation requests received after cut-off date will be booked at prevailing rate, based on room availability.


Shadow Lane Party Tickets

Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

Buy your tickets for the party from us in one of the following ways:


Email: Eve Howard: 

or Tony:

State the number of tickets needed, but do NOT include your credit card number, expiration date or the three digit security code from the back, we will reply with a secure method for transferring this information, your security comes first. Let us know whether you want the ticket or tickets mailed or held at the door.


2. Call us to place the ticket order by credit card over the phone.

Phone: (702) 395-0783 Again, specify if you want the ticket or tickets mailed to you or held at the door.


3. PayPal users:  Make your payment to:


4. Mailing address for checks, money orders and charge card orders:


P.O. Box 751573

Las Vegas, NV 89136-1573


5. pay with cash at the door


Tickets are $150.00 per person.


Hotel booking information


Basic rooms are $95.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$42.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


2 Bedroom Mediterranean Suites are $300.00 on Friday and Saturday nights,

$250.00 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the party week.


Party falls on the weekend of Aug 29th -31st 2014


Group code for making reservations

(to be placed on the special Shadow Lane floors and receive group rates)

is: A4SLC08


Suncoast phone reservations number is: 866-636-7111


Rooms can be reserved on the Suncoast website using the group code @


Cut off for guaranteed group rates is July 30th!!! After that rooms may still be booked on the basis of availability but group rates may vary.


ANY QUESTIONS, CALL! (702) 395-0783


General Party Info:



Questions about party etiquette?



Let us know what kind of music you like to dance to by adding your favorites to the Official Shadow Lane 2014 Song Request thread on fetlife. Here's the link:


Fetlife is free and discreet. There is a large Shadow Lane party section there so you can find out who is coming and touch bases with friends. Use this board to network with other Shadow Laners before the party!


Can't get on FetLife? You can email me your song suggestions and I'll post them in the thread for you.


Spanking Sessions in Vegas



Can't make it to the party but coming to Vegas some other time? Need a good, old fashioned, over the knee spanking? Drop me an email and tell me what you envision as the perfect spanking scene. I have a black board, a spanking bench and two trunks full of paddles and straps. And if you fancy two strict teachers, aunties or hard to please women next door to take you in hand, I can have my good friend Gretta Carlson join us. Write me at: or call 702-395-0783



Thanks and see you soon!

Tony and Eve


New video Summer School Blues May 20 2014, 2 Comments

Scenes from our new video, Summer School Blues

Starring Violet October and introducing Ashley Edmonds


Our new release, Summer School Blues (SLV-193) re-exposes Shadow Lane's newest submissive starlet, Violet October, who was first introduced to our viewers in The Petite Protegee a few months back and showcases the abilities of the beautiful and strict Ashley Edmonds to our viewers for the first time. Anyone steeped in spanking video culture will see at a glance that Miss Edmonds embodies the traditional disciplinarian, capable at a moment's notice, of taking up a sturdy wooden paddle to correct the misdeeds of her charge. 


Note the flagrant disregard for authority exhibited by provocative Penny (Violet October) as she rudely nibbles on sour cherrie drops during the lesson she has failed to prepare for. Also note the incredibly shapely bottom of Ashley Edmonds in her turquoise pencil skirt. This no nonsense lady has it all.


Nothing meaningful can be accomplished before the pull down. 


Penny doesn't attempt to hide her resentment for her summer school teacher, but this only makes Miss Edmonds more determined to tame the wayward blonde.


"I'll teach you to make fist at me, young lady!"


A hand spanking is only the beginning. But finally, Miss Edmonds is beginning to get through to her summer school brat.


What teacher wouldn't be angry if her student disrespected her by shoving candies and chewing gum into her mouth every time her back was turned? It's time to show Penny she means business, so Miss Edmonds starts bringing her paddles to bear.


The famous Board of Education novelty paddle is a hard hunk of wood no spankee can ignore. The naughty preppie girl receives a full measure of its harsh discipline before her teacher is satisfied that Penny has learned her lesson well and truly. 

These beautiful blondes are the ladies to watch as the sweltering summer begins! 

DVD available now!

Shadow Lane: 2014 Party Update May 20 2014, 3 Comments

Eve's Spanking Blog

May 2014

Greetings Spanking Enthusiasts!


Summer is almost here and we know what happens when the weather gets warm, the urge to play spanking games is at its strongest. So why not put yourself somewhere that offers you the most options for spanking play, the Shadow Lane Labor Day party weekend for example. We've been calling it our Casino Royale party because it's held in a casino hotel in Las Vegas. The party dates this year are very easy to remember, being the last three days of August, the 29th, 30th and 31st.

Part of the magic of being into an esoteric fetish is that it allows otherwise ordinary people to engage together in what are, by our lights, glamorous and exciting activities.  Movie stars at Cannes don't have more fun than cute girls in plaid skirts at spanking balls. It isn't possible to be more excited than a spanking enthusiast is at the prospect of meeting someone they've been corresponding with for months and finally playing out a fantasy scenario with them, either one on one or with an audience. Actually getting to play, after dreaming about playing one's whole life, is everything.

Many a spanking enthusiast has confided to me that like myself, in the world of vanilla society, they are painfully bashful and never know what to say at a party to strangers. In the spanking world, we have our own culture, our own language, and our own common experiences to bind us together from the moment we meet. Normally reserved people can rock in the spanking scene. Just look at our scene heroes and role models: teachers and librarians. You can make the heart of spanking enthusiast pound just by pulling out a plain straight-backed chair in front of them or wearing a pleated skirt or carrying a hairbrush in your purse. It doesn't take much to get us going when we're just out in the scene and alert to every "startle", i.e., a thing of any kind possessing some sort of spanking connotation.

Regional spanking parties, in America and Europe, have become contagious, with many people attending multiple events per year, sometimes crossing borders and oceans to party with our obsessive counterparts in distant cities or even other lands. You don't have to be an A-lister to live your fantasies to the hilt in the spanking scene. If someone is willing to be proactive, agreeable and the slightest bit social, these parties can serve as a portal into the heart of the scene. Not that success is guaranteed to anyone. It's not in the vanilla world either. You have to bring something to the table. 

We were one of the first, if not the first entity to throw a large, gala spanking party in a hotel, with a vendor fair, catered food and dancing. We held our first event of this nature in 1991 and will host our 34th party in Vegas this Labor Day Weekend, 2014.

Parties, spanking personals and personal introductions have wrought miracles in our scene, mating up people who never even came close to dating before, people who had been despaired of as too weird ever to find a significant other. The scene brings together all sorts of people and naturally within the mix, water seeks its own level. Attractive people tend to be attracted to each other. Same goes for geeky people. You could pan around a room at a spanking party and see some couples that looked like they stepped out of Vanity Fair and others who might have posed for Dian Arbus. 

There is no typical spanking person. A spanking enthusiast could be a stunning college girl or a fifty three year old virgin male, who has never had any sex other than with himself and a magazine or video. Both are equally obsessed with spanking. Obviously, that cute girl is going to hook up fast, but once in a while, that middle aged hobbit of a spanking shut-in will bump into his female counterpart, at a party or online, or because a friend put them together in a room, and the affinity will spring up between them to bring them into the land of the living together. And they will marry and play and not be lonely anymore. 

Then again, it's possible to be too awkward even for the spanking scene, but everyone gets at least a couple of chances to test the waters. If the brilliant Samuel Johnson were alive today, he'd be a member of his local BDSM support group and he'd go to parties. He'd strike out of course, because he was notoriously unwashed. I mention Johnson because he spoke of wanting to be whipped to Boswell and with that, expressed some self-loathing. Sounds like a guilty but subbed out 18th century Christian to me. But take the much more urbane Rousseau. He never seemed to connect with a spanking mistress, though he openly yearned for one. Today, he'd have his pick of them and also have enjoyed himself.

But back to spanking parties. They've become one big, international floating convention, with the half-dorky/half-hip spanking jet set planning most of their vacations around them. With ages ranging from the barely legal to the barely ambulatory, the live social end of the scene is remarkably diverse. The range of available play options is correspondingly expansive, encompassing everything from the so-called "littles" with their crayons and pinafores getting birthday paddlings, to the full blown floggings of totally nude submissives, with plenty of room in the middle for traditional home and school discipline, institutional discipline, clinical discipline, romantic spanking, erotic spanking, and of course, the all time favorite, spanking as sexual foreplay. 

You only live once and once you're into spanking, it  never goes away. Many have stepped through the looking glass of a hotel spanking weekend, few emerge at the other end unaffected by this often magical experience. And if there was ever any place to try your luck, it's at the Shadow Lane party in Vegas.


Visit our party pages to learn all the details. 


Personal Services:

I have a cane that causes some pain. Visiting Vegas? Email: or call for an appointment (702) 395-0783. My friend Miss Gretta Carlson is always available to join us. Dream sessions including Stephanie Locke and/or Clare Fonda may be arranged with enough advance notice.


We're smiling now, but we won't be when you're over my spanking bench before us. To plan a double session with Stephanie and me next time you're in Vegas, give us a great deal of advance notice and perhaps we can make this happen.  

To see Mistress Stephanie Locke in L.A., visit her at the legendary Dominion on Friday nights, or email: 



Clare Fonda (aka the infamous Jamie Foster) is under exclusive contract not to do spanking videos with any producers other than The Cameraman at the moment, so unfortunately, she and I do not seem fated to co-top in a Shadow Lane spanking video any time soon. But she visits me in Vegas every couple of months and would love to bring her spanking energy and imagination to a double session with me and a deservingly naughty one of you. Email me your projected arrival date in Vegas and I'll see if I can get her out to help me spank you. To see Clare Fonda for a session in L.A., visit her at The Sanctuary, (that neat spanking club right across from L.A.X.) where she visits about once a month. Or email her at:

Shadow Lane: featured title "Caught In A Lie" April 15 2014, 0 Comments

Recent Shadow Lane Productions

New April Release from Shadow Lane! 
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama


New April Release from Shadow Lane! 
Cute new couple in a classic boy spanks girl domestic discipline drama

Caught in a lie!

A new spanking cum strapping drama starring 
Samantha Grace and Rifferous

After trying to prove how industrious she is with a noisy display of vacuuming and dusting while
her husband is trying to concentrate, Samantha is upended and spanked on the seat of her frilly
pink rhumba panties. Riff isn't buying her commitment to her chores and calls her out for faking it.
There's no faking her reactions to the impact of her 6'4" man's huge hand on her tender bottom.

Riff pulls Samantha's panties down for an unobstructed view of her already radiant
pink bottom.

Now the spanking begins in earnest. This isn't the first time Samantha has been over her
husband's lap, but it is one of the most memorable.

Stay at home girl brat Samantha tries to put one over on her husband, pretending she is doing all
the housework, but hiring a cleaning service instead. Of course she gets caught in the lie.

And then she gets caught in a second lie, pretending to cook dinner that has
been ordered from upscale take out. This merits a strapping.

Samantha is the cute, naughty, submissive housewife next door who is really into her dominant man.
This real life couple recreates the classic American 1950's suburban fantasy, which would not be
complete without domestic discipline.

Real couple, real spanking, really hot!

All new Shadowlane DVD "The Petite Protégée" is now for sale! March 24 2014, 0 Comments

Starring Snow Mercy and introducing Violet October, 

A strict, smart brunette amazon spanks, straps, paddles and enforces both nudity and traditional sorority discipline on a saucy blonde 21 year old girl brat!

Read More about this amazing new DVD 

Running time: 39 minutes.

BUY "The Petite Protégée" DVD TODAY!

Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane! December 5th, 2013 December 05 2013, 0 Comments

Happy Holidays from Shadow Lane!
December 5th, 2013


When Tony first thought up "The Buttplug That Saved Xmas"
concept, it seemed like a crazy dream that could never come true.
Then we realized that Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster, the notoriously
cute cougar who does such extraordinary things on clips4sale) was
coming to visit and that it was just the sort of challenge that she
couldn’t resist.



In the clip, Jamie receives the following invitation/order from

Dear Jamie,

This year Santa is asking all his 
little helpers to test drive all the 
sex toys going out to the naughty. 
You got the butt plug. Report back 
to Santa via explicit videogram 
no later than December 15th.




Of course, this kind of thing is embarrassing, no matter how
many times you do it in front of a camera.



As the peppermint striped glass dildo is deemed a workable
buttplug by Santa’s favorite helper in the area code 818, quality
control is effected to the highest standards, virtually guaranteeing
an abundance of enhanced anal orgasm for the holiday season.