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August 2015

Greetings from Las Vegas, the little city that becomes the spanking capitol of the world every Labor Day weekend. Our hotel is sold out and all around the country, panty cupboards are being scrutinized as luggage is packed.. Our Suite Surrender party is looking to be the best-attended event since before the bad times came to the economy, with bookings to match the halcyon days of the Stardust. Those who have purchased their tickets have received the phone app to keep track of the weekend's events. We will be posting an updated scheduled to FetLife throughout the party weekend under the group heading Shadow Lane Spanking. So, if you're coming to the party and don't have a smart phone, you can always check the FetLife page for updates. We will also be posting a board in the main Shadow Lane suite, with notes on all open events as we learn of them. Meanwhile, here's a rough outline of what will be happening, though we have omitted room and suite numbers, because they aren't all finalized yet. Anyone with questions on the party weekend who doesn't have access to a smart phone or FetLife, can email me: Eve@shadowlane.com and I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability. Up through Tuesday the 1st, we'll be around the office and you can reach us there with questions by calling 702-395-0783

Basic Party Schedule

Thursday 9/3

Meet and Greet in the main Shadow Lane suite 9 pm to 2 am

If you wish to purchase your ticket at the party, please bring cash only and get your identifying button badge from Tony, Butch or me when you arrive.

If you're prepaid for your ticket or tickets, ask me, Tony or Butch for your button badge or badges. The new buttons are taking the place of the old name tag badges that were a pain to put together and fill out. If you don't want to pin the button to your shirt, dress or purse, keep them handy in your bag or your pocket as they will serve as your official identification as a ticketed party guest and will be necessary to enter the party suites.

Alcoholic and soft drinks, salty and sweet snacks will be available.  If you enjoy playing in public, be sure to play in all of our "Stations of the Spanked" areas around our suites and sign the books next to them. Prizes will be awarded to the most spanked and most spanking guests at the end of the weekend.

Friday 9/4

 Cigar and Chocolate Meet and Greet Pool Area hosted by Brad D.

2 pm - 3pm

 Newbies Suite hosted by Colodom & Spank4fun

3 pm


Vendor Fair

Shadow Lane secondary suite

7 pm - 9 pm

No charge to Vendors who are ticket holders.

Cassandra will be selling and signing her new book at the Fair


10 O'Clock Reports

Main Shadow Lane suite 10 pm - 2 pm

Bad pupils and disciplinarians all welcome to enact classic punishments in front of an appreciative audience of party goers. Exhibitions can be as short as six of the best all the way to lengthy strappings, etc. Your chance to show off your style. Many have already volunteered to participate in this activity, but we also have all night, so come early, come late, but come and play academic spanking games with us.

Saturday 9/5

 Bad Boys Suite hosted by HarryM., and 8 (or more) experienced spanking ladies

2-4 pm

All dominant, switchable and topping-curious ladies are invited to attend and dispense much deserved corporal punishment to the recalcitrant males in attendance. Visit for the whole session or just pop in for a half hour. All spankings are equally cherished by naughty boys, even ones that are short and to the point. But these lads do badly need your attention, so don't hesitate to show up, even if you have no experience at all. We will happily demonstrate time-honored techniques to help you master this new skill and feel the empowerment that spanking, strapping, paddling and caning men brings.


Pizza Party hosted by Tom from SF

8 pm to 10 pm

This isn't dinner, but a swell snack to fortify you for the shank of the evening


Spanking Court presided over by Strict Dave and hosted by Tom from SF

10 pm to 11 pm


Saturday Night at the Movies (and on TV)

Shadow Lane main suite

11 pm - suite is open until 2 am

Hard and soft drinks and snacks served

Reenact classic movie or tv spankings or invent new spanking scenes involving famous characters. No scripts or fancy costumes required, spur of the moment improvs welcome!


Sunday 9/6

 Bagel Brunch hosted by Bob, Ariel and Calista

10:30 am - 2 pm

 Judicial Punishment Role Play

Dr. Lectr's Suite

4 pm - 7 pm


Uniform Night

Shadow Lane main suite

9 pm - 2 am

Hard and soft drinks and snacks will be served

If you have a uniform you like, wear it!


New and Anal Erotic from Shadow Lane

The Clinical Approach

Starring Violet October and Nikki Rouge

Nikki sits up and takes notice as Violet explains her need for a different kind of discipline this time, one that involves anal penetration and enema training.

Violet, cute in her white pajamas, can't hide her excitement and approval of the course of treatment Nikki begins to describe to her.

As always, the discipline commences with a proper, over the knee spanking.

Nikki inserts a 5" silicone buttplug into Violet's tiny anus to prep her for what is to come.

It is customary to prepare the patient for her classic bag enema by first administering a smaller, bottle enema.

A gloved finger inserted into Violet's bottom allows Nikki to determine whether her patient is ready to proceed with the treatment. (Not shown, a pussy spanking that causes the pretty blonde's labia to swell to even more voluptuous proportions.

Nikki uses a cunning lube shooter to moisten the narrow channel into which the enema nozzle will be inserted. Violet's nipples are erect with excitement.

A unique angle on the feminine beauty and erotic allure contained in this video.

A super sexy buttplug style nozzle is attached to the thick silicone tube that connects to a large enema bag. To Violet, it feels just right.

Violet passively receives the warm infusion.

A purifying caning seals the discipline session. Violet had the marks for several days to remind her of her cleansing experience at the capable hands of her affectionate top. This perfect punishment interlude is available now!  And don't forget to watch the amusing public service announcement at the end of the video, in which Nikki and Violet explain how the equipment you will see in the video should be used. All the neat enema and buttplug gear featured in this dvd was furnished to Shadow Lane by Siliconenozzles.com

You can purchase this video on DVD here


Need a Spanking next time you're in Vegas?

Thinking about having a spanking session for the first time in your life? It doesn't have to be that scary. I have taken many beginners through their first spanking experience. Whether you have a complex role-play scenario in mind or just long to experience the sensation of being held firmly across a woman's lap and bare bottom spanked, I can accommodate your fantasy. We can get right down to it at once or have a lengthy discussion first about your personal spanking history. All sessions are tailored to the precise needs and desires of spankees.

Email: eve@shadowlane.com or text me at 702-232-2059 and tell me how I can help make your favorite spanking fantasy come true next time you breeze through Las Vegas.

My neighbor ladies Gretta Carlson and Nikki Rouge are often available to join in sessions if you fancy being topped by multiple doms. Violet October also lives close by, if you'd like to spank a little darling as well. Looking forward to seeing you standing in the corner soon!